Friday, April 29, 2011

'Shanghai Noon' Open Thread

“I am like a wild horse. You can’t tame me. You put the oats in the pen, though, and I’ll come in for a nibble every day… But if you ever shut that gate, I’ll jump fence and you’ll never see me again.”

Roy O'Bannon, Shanghai Noon


  1. This was a fun little show. Owen Wilson, playing an outlaw of the old West, but with the modern day sensitivities of a Southern Cali type was good fun, as were his interchanges with the Jackie Chan character. the story was sort of like David Carradine's Kung Fu television series, but a tad more light-hearted I would say.

    That line that Owen Wilson is dishing the indian gal he was working was just pathetic, so utterly over estimating his own desirability and the general interest the woman had in him. You had to think the guy was amazingly self-focused. It did remind me a little of You, Me and Dupree or Starsky and Hutch, both of which I thought were kinda crazy, with Owen's modern man sensitive enough, certainly, but with an utter lack in personal responsibility and grit.

    This was a good change of pace and a good laugh. Thanks Cath!

  2. And you have to allow that Lucy Liu, whom I really never have liked... is pretty darn cute in this.

  3. Well, this was good fun. I was thinking what to go for next, and there really are so many good choices that it is always a hard choice, but I think what I could revisit was a John Wayne favorite of mine. I hope you will all enjoy "The Horse Soldiers".