Sunday, April 24, 2011

Steyn Stopped, Children Saved From Kinder Egg Caper

"No eggs for you!"
With all the pat downs and scanning going on these days, one gets a bit testy. Its encouraging, then, to see US Customs and Border Protection forces swinging into action and actually doing a bit of good.

It seems one Mark Steyn, a journalist of some note and general rabble rouser, was attempting to slip across the Canadian/US border with a carton of kinder eggs when US customs confiscated the confectionary treats before the Steyn children could be harmed by them.

It was a bloody run go. The young Steynsters were dearly tempted by the chocolates, and were nearly placed in hazard.

Steyn was philosophic:
As Janet Napolitano would say, the system worked.


  1. Geez, if it weren't real life, it would be funny.

    Well, OK, it's kinda funny anyway.


    Just so we all know what we pay taxes for and what to lose sleep over tonight. If we could ban everything smaller than a child's fist in the world we could all rest comfortably.