Thursday, June 2, 2011

All Hands Prepare To Unmoore Ship!

My word, they're really ramping it up:

NOVEMBER 12th to 19th 2011

Join Mark and the National Review All-Stars for a week of sun, sea, sand, shipboard romance and dancing under the stars to the dulcet tones of the NR panel on the Iranian nuclear program. Steyn plus Fred Thompson, S E Cupp, John Bolton, Kathryn Lopez, Bernard Lewis and many more will be cruising the Caribbean in search of unspoilt beaches and offshore tax havens. And aside from the heavyweight discussions on debt and doom, Mark will be getting together with Rob Long and Jonah Goldberg for another one of their rare Three Caballeros appearances. The NR cruise is always a great way to get to know your favorite writers a little better, and, if you get tired of drunk columnists hitting on you, you won't be the first to jump ship and swim to Cuba for political asylum. More details here.

Okay, all you Steyn fans who bummed by looking to read on Weiner Wednesday, we chatted it up, you've had your fun, now it's time to pony up! We've got a Steynette that needs a little help getting on board. Hit this site, go to the tip jar, do your duty, hit submit.

Nicely done!


  1. You know, this really looks like it would be fun! 6K is out of the question, of course, but who needs a balcony, or to dine with the captain for that matter.

    Darrell, are there any tricks you know to get in on a budget? What do you think you could get this done for, if you were by yourself and willing to travel steerage?

  2. Mark Steyn is a smart man. He must be because he has already seen April's potential and chosen her for reader of the day several times. Rush Limbaugh made a segment--and more--from a piece she had written. I think we have to appeal to this intelligence--and get them to see how important it is to mentor the next generation of great political writers and analysts.

    Perhaps they can throw the resources at their disposal into solving the problem of getting April on board. If I can think about talking with the cruise line, asking listeners and readers to help, or using April's certification as a CrossFit instructor--perhaps offering an introduction to the cruise ship's sophisticated passengers as part of the deal--who knows what wonderful ideas they can come up with?

    Failing that, there's alway the fact that pictures of Lithuanian potato sausage(vedarai)
    can be magically be made to appear from Mark's Twitter feed to April's. If a wiener can cause such a flap, just think of what that marvelous sausage could do? We're talking 32 - 35mm of girthy goodness here and whatever length you desire!

  3. Make that last sentence end with "a length best left to the imagination!"

    Blogger problems with IE9 still.

  4. Mark's sausage is far more impressive than Weiner's wiener, that goes without saying, but that has to do mostly with what's going on upstairs. It makes all the difference in the world. For Mark Steyn, a study completed evaluating the health benefits of male secretions to their female recipients is cause for light humor and nothing more, where as Weiner takes his wiener very seriously, and though unable to say with certitude whether or not he is looking at his own in a photo, he still isn't interested in finding out how it came to be tweeted to all of his many followers.

    I can't speak for you, Darrell, but one tweet of Weiner's wiener and I would un-tweet the twit.

    But on to more serious matters - yes Rushbo and his audience of millions would benefit greatly from having a mole on board the Eurodam. He's got microphones everywhere, why not a really bright blogger? He could feature her posts on his web cite.

    All he needs to do is pony up the passage.