Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Obama Caught With Thumb In The Pie... Again

Robert Stacy McCain, writing in The American Spectator, has uncovered a bit of skulduggery on the part of the president and his minions, this time on opening up the military to gays in yet another social experiment gone awry.
"The Pentagon IG's report on the leak, prepared in April, was recently obtained by the Center for Military Readiness (CMR), which opposed repeal of the DADT policy that had been implemented by President Clinton in 1993.

The IG report shows that the Pentagon study "was a publicly-funded, pre-scripted production put on just for show," Elaine Donnelly of the CMR said in a statement, adding: "The purpose of the contrived CRWG process was to neutralize military opposition to repeal of the law by manufacturing an illusion of support. The administration misused military personnel, resources, and facilities to help President Obama to deliver on political promises to gay activists at the expense of unknowing troops who became props in the pro-repeal campaign.""
The Democrats slipped it through December 22nd, during the lame duck session, largely on the basis that the people serving in our military did not oppose the change.

Misrepresentation is so often the case with this president. He has no care for the Republic, no care for the rule of law, and no care for the people he was elected to lead. I am embarrassed to admit this is our president. Distorting our governmental system to reach his ends is always the way with this man. It's a low down dirty shame.

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