Friday, June 10, 2011

E-Mails Probed: The Woman Looks Remarkably Good!

The most feared woman in America is undergoing close scrutiny. The Washington Post has been the first national newspaper to write an article after having their reporters troll through 13,000 of Sarah Palin's gubernatorial e-mails. They attempted to highlight what they felt were troubling findings. After all the work put in, I gotta say, that Sarah Palin's looking pretty darn attractive!

Among the revelations uncovered: she had kind words to say about then Senator Barack Obama:
Sen. Barack Obama “gave a great speech this morn in Michigan—mentioned Alaska,” Palin wrote to aides. In a speech in Lansing, Mich., Obama had spoken of the need to complete the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline, and open more oil and gas drilling in Alaska. “So.... we need to take advantage of this [and] write a statement saying he’s right on.” A year before, in February 2007, a staffer recommended to Palin that she meet Pete Rouse, “who's now chief of staff for some guy named Barack Obama,” when she was in Washington, D.C. on an upcoming trip.
“I’m game to meet him,” Palin wrote back.
She is pulling for her state and is willing to take advantage of help from any quarter. Sounds good.
Other e-mails make clear that Palin relied on her husband, Todd Palin, for advice on policy issues. In a March 2008 e-mail, for instance, the governor makes clear that he also weighed in on how to deal with Alaska's burgeoning wolf population, a topic of debate at the time among officials and environmental experts.
Eleanor Roosevelt was called Franklin Roosevelt's legs, and it was meant as a high complement to her. Hilary Clinton was advertised as the bonus package in the Clinton two-fer. Bonus or not, she certainly had more power in the White House than any other presidential spouse, before or after. Is the Post really expecting us to believe that wives could not be expected to take advantage of the wisdom and insights of their husbands, whereas men are routinely thought of as wise they make use of the sounding board of their wives? Perhaps we are not as sophisticated as Chris Matthews and his ilk.

Well, what came of her talks with Todd?
“Todd interviewed buddies who live out there... Some confirmation that state intervention isn’t first choice w/the locals,” Palin said. ”We need to incentivize here,”
Right on the money. And about media criticism of her performance while being a mom?
“Pls remind Julia Omalley that ‘they’ said the same thing throughout my career- ‘too young,’ ‘pregnant,’ ‘kids’...’She won’t be able to do it,’ ” Palin wrote. “This coming from good ol’ boys who don’t like change...And so far along in my career we’ve proved them wrong at each turn.”
Sounds great again! In another e-mail from 2008, an aide asks about a tanning bed at Palin's house. A Web site, he said, was implying that the state had paid for it--which had set off a flood of calls from other media.
“The old used tanning bed that my girls have used a handful of times in Juneau?,” Palin wrote back. “Yes, we paid for it ourselves.”
Why am I not surprised.

Palin also expressed concern that she did not have the time to personally monitor and respond to the various press coverage.
She told staffers: “i need folks to really help ramp up accurate counter comments to the misinformation that’s being spread out there.”
You got that right. Look, this is getting a little wearing. When are we going to get back to the titillation of Weinergate?
The e-mails also show Palin dealing with the management of the Governor’s Mansion.
For example, as mother of two teens, Palin was concerned about the alcohol stored in the liquor cabinet in the governor’s mansion, suggesting it should be stowed away in boxes. “Here’s my thinking: with so many kids and teens coming and going in that house, esp during this season of celebrations for young people — proms, graduations, etc. I want to send the msg that we can be - and ‘the People’s House’ needs to be - alcohol-free,”
Why, I'd love for my kids to be hanging around this woman. Could I say the same for Anthony Weiner, Barney Frank or the rest of the leftoids of Congress?

Could you?


  1. The wild-eyed weirdos on the Left, who stay in $3000 a night hotel rooms when they are in government service and do million dollar "date nights" in NYC when you factor in security on the taxpayer's dime must try to smear Sarah with something. They go off on a tear because of a fish given as a gift--eaten like any sensible person would do-- or team jackets given by the snowmachine manufacturer like Leftists do best. Faux tears. Bitter, bitter phony tears.

    I have no fear. Sarah did what I would have done, no doubt. There is nothing phony about her
    based on what I have heard from people I trust.
    But none of that will matter. I remember reading a comment on a blog where a woman was acting like accepting that gift of a fish was the biggest crime a politician had ever committed--she was demanding that Sarah be led away immediately in handcuffs.
    What can you ever say to a person like that? Heck, someone will add up the time spent on emails and decide that is a crime.

    We will have to be content knowing that regular people will see through all of this. And if there
    aren't enough of those, we have bigger problems than this.

  2. Any woman who routinely rags on "the good ol' boys" is *not* a conservative, she's a sexual identity-politics "liberal." -- Ilíon

  3. That "good ol' boys" shtick saves naming names. The same sort that could endorse a Mike Castle when he matches Joe Biden vote for vote on the big issues. The same sort playing games with the Press feeding them Palin stories.

    She has some pretty good energy policy papers going back to her time in Alaska that can be found on the Web. I suggest that you read them and see where she fits. She is a lot closer to Reagan--who got the same sort of "not a true Conservative" bashing at the time--than almost any of the other candidates thrown around. I would rather have known her for a long time like I do Ann Coulter, but I haven't seen any reason to think that Palin is anything like Gingrich, say.
    I don't ever see her bowing to the Press and going along with Democrat poison pills, just to keep employed. I see her owing a gun, tackle, and bait shop before she does that--as I would.