Sunday, June 5, 2011

- Can Weiner Handle the Pickle of the Press?

First off, that Stacy McCain is all over this Weiner story. Checkout the wiener linkage he has happily strung together. It's a veritable Bavarian sausage fest over there.

Curiously, despite the intense interest in the Weiner, the press are still quite happy to embrace him, and are quick to suggest there is no reason to consider his political future suspect. Case in point is the lovely Kirsten Powers, columnist for the New York Post, who stated:
"A lot of people have speculated that this would harm his chances for mayor of New York. Ed Koch suggested it would harm his chances of being mayor of New York. Nobody will remember this story. Come on, really, what is this in the end? I don't think he has done anything wrong here. There is a lot of speculation. His wife seems to be perfectly fine in standing by him. I don't think we should suggest there is infidelity here when I don't think there is any evidence of infidelity."
Wait a minute... Kirstin Powers took a peek into this Weiner thing and couldn't find anything to get excited about? Is that a good thing?



  1. First off, Powers contends that no one will remember a story about a guy named Weiner who took a picture of his wiener (confirmed, as otherwise he would be able to say absolutely, like I can, that the wiener in the photo is not his wiener), and then tweeted that wiener picture to a college co-ed, but by mistake sent it not only to her, but to all 45,000 people stupid enough to follow what ever it is that Weiner is thinking, and what ever he is stupid enough to send out on a tweet? We're not gonna remember that? We're not going to be reminded of the whole, sorry story every time we ever, by chance, happen to hear the name Weiner again?

    If she could forget this episode that easily, then this woman must have a remarkably short memory. I suppose women can sometimes be like that, but not usually.

  2. Just one question... what is it about a photo taken of a fellow's aroused genitalia and then purposefully sent to a college co-ed that Ms. Powers finds so innocent? Is this something she just expects men are routinely doing? If her boyfriend were sending out such text messages to young women would she find it to be harmless and utterly innocent, or might there be something not right about it that would come to mind?

    HG thinks she's a fool. Perhaps so, but her response looks like partisanship to me.