Monday, August 22, 2011

Perry Picking Up Steam on Leftoid Insanity Meter

Texas Governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry shot way up in the standings of potentially threatening GOP candidates based on recent results from the Logarithmic Leftoid Insanity Meter. The polling instrument now made famous by former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is nearly infallible in detecting the republican candidate most feared by the left. Case in point was Perry's recent appearance in Portsmouth New Hampshire, where beside the ranting and sign waving twits the left usually sends down to disrupt a simple meet and greet event, they threw children at the governor in an attempt embarrass him.
More than a dozen protesters, many of them mobilized by the New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans, welcomed Mr. Perry with signs — “My financial security is not a Ponzi scheme”
What a bunch of clowns. First off, Social Security is your financial plan for the future? Wow. Well pal, the sad truth is, if any company were operating an investment scheme that ran the way that Social Security is run, the people in charge would be thrown in jail. Not a ponzi scheme? It's the mother of all ponzi schemes! No one, not billionaire investment scammer Bernie Madoff, no one, has riped off more people than the Federal government has in their ponzi scheme Social Security program. And the killer punch, as always in ponzi schemes, will fall on the last ones in. Our kids.
Kristin Bunce, 43, helped ease her 9-year-old son, Sam Beane, into Mr. Perry’s path. Sam, wide-eyed and looking up at the governor, asked Mr. Perry a question. The governor crouched down so he was just inches from Sam’s face, and in a soft, calm voice began to answer. “How old do I think the earth is?” Mr. Perry said. “You know what? I don’t have any idea. I know it’s pretty old, so it goes back a long, long way. I’m not sure anybody actually knows completely and absolutely how long, how old the earth is.”
Good answer. Apparently Ms. Bunce wasn't satisfied, and pressed Sam to keep after the governor.

Ms. Bunce urged Sam to ask the governor about his views on evolution, and Mr. Perry began to answer her question, still talking to Sam. “And here your mom was asking about evolution, and you know, it’s a theory that’s out there and it’s got some gaps in it,” Mr. Perry continued. “In Texas, we teach both creationism and evolution in our public schools. I figure you’re smart enough to figure out which one is right.”
Damn straight.
“I asked him how old he thought the earth was,” said Sam, a rising fourth grader, recounting the exchange. “He said he didn’t know.” Ms. Bunce expressed frustration that Mr. Perry believed in teaching creationism, a theory that is not accepted by mainstream scientists. “Evolution, I think, is correct,” Sam said, looking up at his mother.
Is that right, Mom? No, buddy. First off, what difference will it ever make how old the earth is? If he said it was a million years old, or a billion years old, how will that effect your life? No effect whatsoever. So ask yourself this son, why in the world would your mom keep whispering in your ear to ask the governor that question? And while you're at it, ask yourself what kind of a man will you grow up to be if you learn to simply let people use you for their own ends, even your mother? Does she pull that with your dad? Perhaps you should ask the governor for some advice on that one. He's the kinda man that could set you straight.
State Representative Robin Read, a Democrat who sits on the New Hampshire’s Science, Technology and Energy Committee, asked Mr. Perry if he thought global warming was a man-made phenomenon.

“No, I don’t,” the governor replied. “I think the record is still out on whether global warming is man-made or not. I’m a skeptic.”

As Mr. Perry pressed on, his wife thanked Mr. Read for coming out, but Mr. Read later said he was disturbed by the governor’s response.

“To be a global warming skeptic in this day and age is stunning in its ignorance,” Mr. Read said.
What a dunce. Just ignoring for a moment the outrageously abusive distortion of the facts and the outcome pre-determined research work that has become the legacy of the AGW proponents, we are living in a nation that is in serious trouble. Huge financial uncertainty, a government of runaway spending, disastrous inflation looming around the corner, enemies abroad that are ever more threatening to our way of life, and the most important thing on the mind of this ass-clown democrat house member is Perry's opinion on Global Warming? Who the hell cares?! It doesn't matter a twit.
A few tables over, a man had sidled up to Mr. Perry with a solution to the country’s economic troubles. “I know what’s wrong with our economy,” the man said. “We’re looking up the wrong end of the horse!”

A grin spread across Mr. Perry’s face as he turned and, without saying a word, headed for the door. A few moments later, he was still chuckling quietly to himself.

“Man, that’s funny,” he said.
I like this guy, Rick Perry...

.. and the governor is rocketing off the charts!


  1. Look how gracious the governor and his wife are. There she is, thanking Read for coming out, he waits for her to leave, and then he tells the press how ignorant he thinks her husband is. I'm sorry, but this kinda stuff reeks, and the bad smell is all on Democrat Representative Read, not on Governor Perry, and certainly not on his wife.

  2. It's "Exponential Leftoid Insanity." No need to be kind and express it as the inverse--logarithmic growth.

  3. Ahfff, you're right! I think I'll just shorten it up a little.

  4. This is when I get on my "As a scientist, I am OFFENDED that anthropogenic global warming is taken to be literal truth" soapbox. Now, I don't expect Robin Read (education:
    MA, Political Science, Goddard College, 1974
    BA, English, University of North Carolina, 1968) to understand this, but us SCIENTISTS have problems with the non-scientific way in which AGW was studied.

  5. "I am OFFENDED that anthropogenic global warming is taken to be literal truth"

    You've got that right, and having studied some science and taught a bit of science, I am cruelly embarrassed that these clowns would take a scientific discipline and pimp it out for their own political power, financial gain and blatant self-aggrandizement. Scientific method was a means by which we might reach the truth, and the truth was that Holy Grail we searched for but knew was always just a tad out of our reach. The AGW proponents at Hadley CRU and Penn State are to science what the 1919 Chicago Black Socks are to baseball. It was a sad chapter in the history of scientific discovery.

    And then to have some half-baked party hack act outraged that Perry doesn't buy it? He thinks that is evidence that Perry is ignorant of the world around him? Well, where the hell has Read been the past two years, under a rock?

    Yeah, I'm with you, Roxe.

  6. Well, where the hell has Read been the past two years, under a rock?

    Yes. And that rock is another name for the MSM who has spiked all dissent. If he reads The NYT, the only thing he heard about those emails concerned illegal hacking. And he's never heard about Operation Fast and Furious and the variants either, the orders coming from the top, and the 1000+ deathtoll, either. The world of the liberal is a small, small world devoid of real inconvenient truths.