Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Steyn Boldly Entertains Muddled Thinking at BBC Newsnight

Speaking of BBC newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis, Jill over at Pundit and Pundette wonders:
"I'm not sure whether to file that under 'deliberately obtuse' or 'invincibly ignorant.'"
I'm going for deliberately obtuse.

Never fear though, it doesn't throw our hero off.


  1. "But yooouu were the man who was all for no regulation...... and look where no regualtion got us at the banks!"

    Oy vey!

  2. Comparing the US spending binge to drunken sailors is an insult to all drunken sailors everywhere -- when drunken sailors run out of money, they stop getting drunk(er) and/or buying[what-ever], they don't double-down by spend someone else's money, much less soomeone else who isn't even yet born.

  3. True enough, and though drunken sailors may wish to borrow money for more ruinous spending, there rarely is anyone around willing to oblige. We are just now reaching that point, as S&P's credit rating reduction shows.