Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dow Jones Takes Huge Hit

The laws of economics apparently don't give a fig about "the deal" the elite's worked out in Washingtown.
That humongous hard-fought debt ceiling deal that was supposed to settle things down in D.C. financially and politically seems to be doing precisely the opposite there and now around the world. And all within 48 hours.

Europe isn't buying the deal.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged almost 513 points today, erasing all of its gains this year, as fears grew of yet another recession before most people believed the first one was over. This White House returned to SOP immediately anyway.
What would that be?

You guessed it: back to partying and campaigning.

Said Texas Representative Ron Paul

"You don’t get out of the problem of having too much debt by allowing Congress to spend a lot more."

No, Ron, I guess you don't.


  1. How come the Wall Street guys look so tense and on edge, and the president looks like he doesn't have a care in the world?

  2. If that photo is not staged for the camera--and it probably is because those guys make the commission up or down--it's because of whose money is at risk. If those guys have a position with their own money, contrary to the market's movement, it is their money that is disappearing. With Obama, it is our money. Plus he knows that George Soros is cleaning up somewhere so that means even more backdoor money into his campaign.

  3. Darrell, you are a cagey, cynical genius.

  4. First the Bin Laden raid, now the worried traders, and of course there was Bill and Hillary dancing in the dark, to name just a few. I should be starting to figure this out. Okay, that's the last time I'm gonna bite on one of these photos.

  5. Nah, don't stop publishing them. We wouldn't be able to have our fun then, parsing them to bits.
    When the Press becomes the PR arm of a political ideology, we need something to work with. And they will hang themselves because they
    can't see what is obvious to a non-zealot.