Saturday, August 20, 2011

Steyn Steyn Steyn

Mark Steyn comments in his latest piece on how out of place and imperial the current resident of the White House appears to be:
"If Bill Clinton wants to make the increasingly and revoltingly unrepublican lifestyle of the American president a campaign issue, Gov. Perry should call his bluff. If I understand correctly the justification advanced by spokesgropers for the Transportation Security Administration, the reason they poke around the genitalia of 3-year-old girls and make wheelchair-bound nonagenarians in the final stages of multiple sclerosis remove their diapers in public is that, by doing so, they have made commercial air travel the most secure environment in the United States. In that case, why can't the president fly commercial?"
Not likely. Not when the Obama's can't even get along with just one jet, but need to take two separate presidential jets to get themselves over to Martha's Vineyard.

Also get over to April's and check the great 1980 RNC convention Ronald Reagan speech that Darrell linked to. That will cheer and inspire you!

And don't forget to catch Mark Steyn live on the radio Monday morning as he subs for the vacationing Rush Limbaugh!

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  1. "Steyn Steyn Steyn Steyn; Steyn Steyn Steyn Steyn; Steyn! Steyn!"

    to the "tune" of "Batman!"