Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Give It A Rest

The Hyacinth Girl is sideways with the Wall Street protesters and that big bag of wind Michael Moore:
More than anything else, I think this “Occupy Wall Street” circus sideshow is having the opposite effect of what its organizers intended. People, normal people with jobs and lives, look at this dog and pony show and see a bunch of overeducated, spoiled, intentionally unemployed perpetual adolescents so divorced from reality that they genuinely think someone other than Barack Obama and his policies are responsible for this pathetic economy.
Loved the post title, by the way.

To add to our reading pleasure, The Venerable Bede, our friend from across the sea, has hit upon the same subject, commenting on the questionable value our society places upon the youth culture:

"Of course, to the political classes the greatest thing about the young's uncorrupted integrity is how easy it is to corrupt. No voice sounds more ringingly the tones of fierce independence than the one that has been told exactly what to say by someone else. The manipulation of youth movements is one of the most instant giveaway signifiers of Fascism, that is to say of political systems that seek to divide and conquer through the hypnosis of sloganeering, hatemongering and the rigid control of public expression.

The extreme malleability of youth, coupled with its outward show of brash individualism, makes for a uniquely useful tool in the hands of the disreputable, which when allied to the popular trends within the youth culture itself is rendered almost unstoppable."
They are both well worth the full read.


  1. Nice job of weaving the two posts, James!
    You had the best wool to work with but you did a masterful job.

  2. And that was said after Sarah's announcemnt that she wouldn't be running this time.(see Drudge)

    That means it was even more heartfelt. Good job!

  3. Thank you, thank you. Of course, I'm just the ring master, with all the talent spinning and whirling around me.

    But as to this Wall Street protest, what the heck is this? Honk if you're angry? Honk if you're in debt?! Are the economic conditions she finds herself in the work of some greedy corporatist, or some sort of accident that just befell that young woman? No. I do believe she asked for the loan, making the calculation that she needed the money now to fund some project for the future: her education, her fashionable condo or what have you, under the good faith commitment that she would pay the debt back, and now she is protesting... Wall Street? Wall Street is to blame for her indebtedness? Seriously, I do not get her reasoning, other than to say she is accepting no responsibility for actions that are necessarily of her own doing.

    This then is the left's answer to the Tea Party movement? Protest by shutting down business, threatening incivility and violence, supported by labor unions, harboring broad, disparate and uncertain complaints, focusing blame on private sector business entities, discerning no role for the government in the current poor economic conditions, and through it all taking no personal responsibility what so ever? Is that really what this boils down to?!

  4. The Left is so stupid that I wouldn't put it past them to hve these protests turn violent then say "See? We warned you about the Tea Party!" Pathetic.

    There are at least two major articles out there right now trying to draw equivalency between the two movements. Nothing on the Left is coincidental or unplanned. That's why the Left will never have anything like the Tea Party. Sheeple need marching orders. Or a good border collie. Tea Partiers think for themselves.

  5. Well, at least they're not rioting and raiding electronics stores, as done in the recent England "protests".

  6. Not yet.

    Though clearly that was the not-so-veiled threat that New York Mayor Bloomberg issued just two weeks ago, the jerk.