Thursday, October 6, 2011

Left's Bullying of Producers Impressive Only To Themselves

David Warren has led a life of service. Thus the recent protests of the unemployed and overpaid (city college grads and union types) has left him to wonder at what he has been hearing:
The rewards for doing something, where it counts, are different in kind; and they do not come easily.

I look at all the faces of the young, made up as zombies, clutching that fake dollar-store money, and strutting down Wall Street. Most, obviously, college-educated: the final products of an educational system that imparts little knowledge but a lot of self-esteem. I look at the sheer smugness in those faces, of people who have never experienced real hardship. All demanding that someone else do something.

For that is the nature of street demonstrations: a form of coercion, of public bullying. Getting yourself arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge, by gratuitously blocking the traffic of the working stiffs, does not help anyone. It is a form of personal display, an act of whining self-righteousness that is intrinsic to the psychology of the bully.

The attraction, to the copy-cat demonstrators across the continent, is "me too." This is the Left's answer to the Tea Party in the U.S. - a point made repeatedly through the liberal media, which themselves take pleasure in the analogy.

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  1. "Left's answer to the Tea Party ..."

    The number of cops in that photo alone probably matches about the number of officers I noticed all day at the Glenn Beck DC rally last year.

    In fact, there's probably more litter in that picture than I saw all that day, even afterword (though the trash cans were overflowing).

    In fact, the only truly angry people I saw was a small group of leftists claiming the Tea Party and Beck as racists.

  2. I'm glad the guy with the glasses has his red bandana handy. You never know when you're going to need that. And as to the girl with the sign, me thinks she dost protest too strongly.

  3. Yeah, right? I could see her sucking Coke. And never learning how to pronounce "Koch."