Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Did That

The president is out once again fishing for praise, bestowing upon himself a larger share of the credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden, this time claiming it was due, no, not to jobs he 'saved or created' with that bogus trillion dollar jobs bill/payoff in 2009, but to his pull down of troops deployed to Iraq.
In statements delivered Friday and Saturday, President Barack Obama said it was his drawdown of U.S. troops in Iraq that allowed the U.S. to "refocus" on al Qaeda and get Osama bin Laden.

"The drawdown in Iraq allowed us to refocus our fight against al Qaeda and achieve major victories against its leadership--including Osama bin Laden," Obama said in a speech at the White House on Friday announcing that all U.S. troops would leave Iraq by the end of the year. In his weekly address released Saturday, Obama repeated the assertion.
This guy. What a national embarrassment.
However, according to a report published by the New York Times on May 3, crucial intelligence that allowed the U.S. to locate Bin Laden came from an al Qaeda operative who had been captured by U.S. forces in 2004 in Iraq.
A SEAL team killed Osama bin Laden, Mr. President, and though the national media was fawning all over you for the "gutsy" call you made, none of them were in the chopper when the engine failed, none of them stormed the building when shots were flying around, and none of them had to high tail it out of there, so their perspective on what's gutsy and what isn't is a tad skewed.

Meanwhile, the Times is out of sorts, as its earlier article on May 3rd had gone to great pains to downplay the value of the information gained waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and attributing the valuable information as having come from Hassan Ghul, an al Qaeda operative captured in Iraq.

On May 3, the New York Times published a story headlined, "Bin Laden Raid Revives Debate on Value of Torture." The story downplayed the significance of the intelligence gained from 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in helping the U.S. figure out who al-Kuwaiti was.

"In 2004, however, a Qaeda operative named Hassan Ghul, captured in Iraq, gave a different account of Mr. Kuwaiti, according to the American official," the Times reported. "Mr. Ghul told interrogators that Mr. Kuwaiti was a trusted courier who was close to Bin Laden as well as to Mr. Mohammed and to Abu Faraj al-Libi, who had become the operational chief of Al Qaeda.
Well, well, well. Tell you what, Mr. President, why don't you focus your efforts on lowering the sea level. When you get that one done, come on back and tell us what brave feats you've performed.
In his speech announcing that he would remove all U.S. troops from Iraq before the end of this year, President Obama did not mention President George W. Bush.

Figures. What else would you expect from Fearless Leader.

Of course, when it comes to the Fast and Furious Mexican gun running program, he gives us an entirely different t.v. personality.

Good grief.


  1. Don't be so hard on the CinC.
    His people did identify the actual unit responsible--The Seals. And the actual Seal Team
    Number 6. And if that al Qaeda ambush in Afghanistan that killed 38, many of Team 6, was in retribution for OBL's death. . .Oh, wait. That was Obama's big role in all of this-- shooting off his big f*ckin' mouth. Or putting people that do in key positions. Carry on, then. Criticize away.

    But did he tell you how he played the key role with Moammar Gadhafi? Forget about that assassination in the street---everything else. Maybe the White house can fake another picture showing everyone listening to the events unfold in real time. And Hillary can hold her hand on her nose again. Voters eat that stuff right up!
    I suggest that Obama get himself one of those old battle maps when the general moves assets with a croupier's rake. His Hollywood pals can hook him up. That would make a better picture than the last one with the laptop. Who didn't think that he was watching basketball with that one?

  2. People like the men and women that make up our border patrol or our soldiers on Navy SEAL teams are just pawns on this man's stage. Of course, the same is true of the poor people that he supposedly is the champion for. He has no real care for these people.

    For the leader of the free world, that's just pathetic.

  3. That whole thing with the White House looking to blab it up about the SEAL team raid, and how gutsy the president was, all the while being extremely careless with the lives of the men that did the mission was just unbelievable.

    I can't believe anyone would want this guy as president, but then I was thinking along the same lines three years ago. He looks worse now, in my opinion, while the Lawrence O'Donnell's of the world will go on to think he's just spiffy cool... the dolts.

  4. What an eejit.
    They should issue a picture of him watching the finals of America's Got Talent in real time, too.
    No doubt he'll take responsibility for that result as well.

  5. "I see nothink."

  6. For those of you not used to the Venerable Bede, from the urban dictionary:

    eejit: nitwit, nincompoop, moron or thicko.

  7. That clip of Schultz was perfection, E!

  8. eejit: nitwit, nincompoop, moron or thicko.

    But surpringly, not "idiot."