Thursday, August 23, 2012


Sandra Fluke, the thirty-year-old student who selected Georgetown for her law education because she believed it would present her with an opportunity to undermine the principles the school holds most dear, has been chosen by the DNC to be a speaker at their national convention. The DNC announced on Tuesday that Fluke will be one of the “women leaders” to speak at its convention Sept. 4-6 in Charlotte, N.C. Personally, I don't think they could have made a more representative choice.

Fluke (rhymes with duck) is the quintessential Democrat. She has no regard for the rights of others, goes out of her way to impose her viewpoint, has no problem using the force of government to impose her will, and after entering the public discourse on the largest of national stages, plays the helpless victim when her ideas are challenged. A tiresome twit of a woman, from a tiresome twit of a national party. Yes, it is a party of individuals so divorced from the ideals of liberty and freedom that they cannot recognize them when spoken of. Democrats of years gone by would be embarrassed by today's Democrats.
“I was verbally attacked,” Fluke said before introducing the president in Denver.
Yes, and wasn't that a surprise. What, did she think everyone was just going to roll over and accept those very valuable insights she shared? What was it, Ms. Fluke could see the pain on the faces of her fellow students who could not afford their birth control? Right. Can you believe the dishonesty of this person? I could not imagine joining a religious university and then thinking it was within my right to demand they provide for me that which they find morally and spiritually repugnant. Yeah, boo hoo Sandra.
“President Obama came to my defense."
'I needed someone to make me feel better about myself.' Well, that's nice. $3,000 a year for her contraceptives - go take a hike, you nitwit! I believe it came out to something like three condoms a day - that she needs paid for - by you and me! It's not just the impetuous ruminations of a 30 year old law twerp - it is the self-absorbed, self-righteous preening of a professional poser. Women leaders, indeed.


  1. How stupid do you have to be for stupid to start feeling smart?

  2. "Personally, I don't think they could have made a more representative choice."

    I agree, JN. She's the perfect example of the young pampered college educated middle class hoping to be treated to public benefits usually used to help the poor.

  3. The thing that strikes me most is the dishonesty, the shameless, seemingly guileless presentation. She misled Georgetown University, she misled the press in her "testimony", she misled the American people, and she does so willfully, if not maliciously. This person is a leader? I find nothing that would recommend her as someone to be followed.

  4. But please, don't get caught up with the monetary value of those condoms. Remember, she "knew" certain unidentified other female students/university employees with "special medical conditions"--never identified--that required the most expensive oral contraception. The condoms were just icing on that cake. So to speak. We are required to suspend disbelief because insurance companies would pay for required hormone therapy for non-contraceptive-related legitimate medical conditions as a matter of course.

  5. The required suspension of disbelief is a recurring theme when dealing with Democrats, whether it be president Obama's job creation numbers, Harry Reid's imaginary 'friend' from Bain Capital who happens to also be intimate with Romney's tax return filings (right), or Eric Holder's "open" testimony before the House. The whole thing is a giant trip through Alice's wonderland, without any of the charming characters to make the trip more enjoyable.