Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Obama Speak

Just a few days ago we were speaking of the seemingly limitless duplicity of those who argue from the left. I suppose if your unofficial slogan is "by any means necessary" then it would all make some sort of sense. Though not moral, at least one could see it as purposeful. But if you really believe you have the better ideas, that what you stand for is something that people would choose if they understood it properly, then why go through all the double speak? Well, over at the Daily Gator I came across a perfect illustraion of what we, the American people, are up against. An Edward Daley put together these three videos. Mark Steyn and Newt Gingrich are superb at contrasting what Obama says with the reality that we have to live in. Let's watch:

Good Lord!
What sticks in my craw is the stone cold delivery Obama gives... the pregnant pauses, the solemn expression, the studied starring straight into the camera. Quite frankly I found the performance to be ... a performance. That just plain annoys me! Meanwhile, he knows it's all a scam, a story wrapped up and delivered for our consumption. Just words, mind you, he's not a hater (right). When you are the president of the United States and you are lying to the American people, how much lower can you go? The utter contempt he shows for us, we the people that elected him. I guess he figures we're just not smart enough to figure out his game. This guy...
If you have the 26 minutes, you won't find a better illustration of how utterly empty everything this guys says is.
With a big tip of the hat to Gator Doug.


  1. Look what they've been throwing up at the top of their ticket the past few runs:

    Michael Dukakis
    Bill Clinton
    AL Gore
    John Kerry
    Barack Obama

    Really?! I might not have agreed with George McGovern, but he was a good guy. Hubert Humphrey was a pretty decent guy. But these guys? That's a hell of a lot of baloney being thrown around up there.

  2. Sorry, James, McGovern was an ass, too, from all the stories I've heard over the years from people that knew or worked for him. He had a very low opinion of the typical voter and typical American, concerned basically with their families and everyday issues. He was caught with a live mike saying (after a speech he had just given at The DNC convention, when the audience was loudly applauding and cheeering, that if those poor s.o.b.'s knew they were about to be taxed back into the Stone Age that they would be rushing the stage rather than sitting there whooping and applauding. Of course the "Press" didn't hear "nuthing."

  3. Well, all I really knew was that he flew B-24s over occupied Europe, and that's gotta count for something. Was he as big an ass as John F'ing Kerry? It's a pretty select group we're talking about here. Was he so much of a bald faced liar, that he could stand in there with the likes of Bill Clinton, AL Gore, and Barack Obama?

  4. He was in the big leagues, just say. You're throwing in some all-time Hall-of-Famers, so that makes it real hard. His war service and the fact that he came from a time before the others when people didn't tolerate a-holes for very long, point to him being relatively better. The people on your list wouldn't make it during the times people had to actually do things for themselves. He could and did lie with the best of them, though. Tell you that we were all going to make sacrifices to whip the nation's problems together and then get in his Eldorado and head for the most expensive steak in town. He supported most of the bs that led to today's problems including Ted Kennedy's immigration reform. You know the change that gave the Cloward-Piven clowns the idea for their poison pill/delayed detonation bomb. That was promised not to lead to increased immigration, while the agencies involved issued handbooks and calls for hiring to deal with the exponential rush. Hall of Fame lying? I think so. Telling people that they have to shut up and accept forced school integration while sending your daughter to a Maryland school with a 3% minority population. For thee, not me. Is it lying? I don't know.

    His exemplary war service does keep him off your top-five, though. I really believe he was 100% behind Thomas Eagleton. Before he dropped him like a hot flaming coal, that is. Don't mind me--I'm just remembering the good-old days.
    Got to retain those memories I haven't accessed in a long time.