Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Lips Are Sealed

For the past few months Code Pink has been encouraging their members to send the RNC photos of their privates. Carrying on in that vein and insisting they are victims of a nation that does not share their particular points of view, a group of pink clad prisses dressed up as Vaginas and attempted to embarrass those people attending the GOP convention.
As several thousand conventioneers arrived in buses at Tropicana Field, an indoor stadium where baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays play, they were met by about 400 protesters -- some of whom were in their vagina costumes. By that time, though, convention-goers hardly took notice of the crowd, and well-armed police and military personnel kept the demonstrators away from the party inside the stadium.
It took well-armed police and the military to keep the vaginas away from the republican conventioneers. Man, that's some determined Vaginas.

Meanwhile Bill "Free Willy" Clinton is hailed by these same dimwits as the epitome of the right thinking political persona. Yes, that's right, the impeached, disbarred former president, who made the whole nation discuss the merits of his disclaimer "I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky." He aroused nothing on the part of Code Pink. Does any of that bother the Vaginas? How about Juanita Broadrick? Kathleen Willey? Paula Jones? And on and on. Nope, the Vaginas were all smiles. Those "indiscretions" apparently did not rise to the level necessary to arouse much interest on the part of the Vaginas.


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  1. Where were the Republicans/Tampans dressed as eight-foot-long cigars to chase them around? Is Hav-A-Tampa still around? What a great publicity moment that would be! If they're not around, it's because they can't spot opportunities like this. Must Tampa residents let people call them Tampons because they can't make "Tampans" official?