Sunday, August 26, 2012

Imperial President says Romney really, really 'Extreme'

Our royal pain-in-the-ass president, Barack Hussein Obama, said Mitt Romney has locked himself into "extreme positions" on economic and social issues and would surely impose them if elected.

Man, let's hope so.

My chief worry is that Romney doesn't have it in his bones. That he's just another selection of the GOP party elites and sees no crisis to address. But we know better. This bat shit crazy president of ours has been spending money in ways that are literally beyond comprehension, undermining the economy and starving out the private sector. He's got to go, and all his high spending worry-about-it-later ideas with him. This is our future we are talking about. No doubt about it, you and I and the entire rest of the world cannot keep up with this man's spending, so don't even start with this 'millionaires and billionaires' baloney. People with money in this country use it to build business and hire workers. Barama uses it to pay off union buddies and toss benefits to government employees and bureaucrats, and he does so to such excess it would make Charles Foster Kane envious. Rosebud, nothing.
In an interview with The Associated Press, Obama said Romney lacks serious ideas, refuses to "own up" to the responsibilities of what it takes to be president, and deals in factually dishonest arguments that could soon haunt him in face-to-face debates.
Can you believe this? Talk about projection, mister zero growth, 15% unemployment. What a God send you've been. How's that 'spread the wealth around' thing working out?

'If they buy this one, they'll believe anything...the rubes.'
Obama also offered a glimpse of how he would govern in a second term of divided government, insisting rosily that the forces of the election would help break Washington's stalemate.

He said he would be willing to make a range of compromises with Republicans, confident there are some who would rather make deals than remain part of "one of the least productive Congresses in American history."

In doing so, the president depicted his opponent as having accumulated ideas far outside the mainstream with no room to turn back.
Oh, I'm gunna worry about that one. Right.


  1. I thought Romney was really, really, really extreme.

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Up and down, front to back, this administration is as deceitful as one could imagine. Do they ever give an honest answer, or assert something that isn't shaded if not outright false? It doesn't matter if they are quoting drilling experts on a sea going oil rig drilling moratoriums or citing governors over supposed requests for waivers or what have you. False. False. False. At some point one would think the press would demand more honesty from this administration... but they don't. They just report whatever it is Barama and his clowns happen to be pulling out of their sleeves. Picture perfect on this score was the brewhaha over the Krauthammer piece on foreign policy. After the British Embassy verified that Mr. Krauthammer reported the events surrounding the Churchill bust accurately, meaning that White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer was caught out in a lie, Charlie got in the last word:

    "Pfeiffer devoted an entire post (with accompanying photography) on the White House Blog to a single sentence in a larger argument about foreign policy, and blew it up into an indignant defense of truth itself and a handy club with which to discredit the credibility of a persistent critic of his boss. ...

    "So I suggest Mr. Pfeiffer bring this to a short, painless and honorable conclusion: a simple admission that he got it wrong and that my assertion was correct. An apology would be nice, but given this White House's arm's-length relationship with truth -- and given Ryan Zimmerman's hot hitting -- I reckon the Nationals will win the World Series before I receive Pfeiffer's mea culpa."

    True enough, but if the White House Press Corpse was worth a crap, they wouldn't be letting these clowns get away with stealing their credibility.

    Thanks much, Ten Mile.

  3. Extreme, in the Lefty dictionary, means not going along with everything they want to shove down our throats--nothing more. They have yet to put anything forward that any American should go along with. And any American not knowing this trick by now isn't worth discussing or worrying about.