Thursday, August 30, 2012


The Bush family doesn't have the best of records as far as embracing conservatism goes. Both George H.W. and George W. ate the pixie dust and thought they could reach across the isle to work with Democrats, a practice which placed both presidencies in jeopardy. Thus with the nation in the hazard and this last chance before us to turn back from the abyss, might this not be a smart time for Jeb Bush to keep a low profile?
“The future of our party is to reach out consistently to have a tone that is open and hospitable to people who share values. The conservative cause would be the governing philosophy as far as the eye could see … and that’s doable if we just stop acting stupid.”

I've got to wonder, was Jeb 'The Beav' to George's 'Wally'?


  1. I didn't think he came off well either. And he indirectly reminded of GW's expansion of the Dept. of Education with No Child Left Behind. Nothing near Gov. Perry's goal to vastly diminish (eliminate?) the federal role in local education.

  2. People like Jan Brewer in Arizona are trying to get control of their borders, keep the criminals out and protect their people, which leads to President Obama suing them, and this idiot is out calling such people stupid?! Look, Jeb, sit down and shut up.

  3. Plus, the Hispanic community is not a monolithic block--certain groups within will never be Republican voters. The Spanish themselve have this built-in bias for patronage that dates back to Feudal times. Farmers/workers turned over all the fruits of their labors to Lords on whose lands they lived and worked, and the Lords returned a portion of it back in the form of milled flour and other foods. They would beg the Patron for more if they saw him. Many of the people workers that were sent to Mexico and the Spanish colonies were sneak thieves and criminals and debtors--those that people in Spain got tired of dealing with. They continued true to form in The New World, often getting kicked out of the cities that were being built for not working and sponging off the labor of those that did. Many of those went to sponge off the Indians when they were kicked out. Patrons, large landowers/ranchers here suported local villages. Many people took to Marx as soon as the books were published because the ideas of depency already resonated in the community. They welcomed dependency rather than fearing it. Trotsky didn't wind up in Mexico for the Sandals Resort.

    Groups like the Cuban are overwhelmingly Republican because ethey have seen firsthand what Socialism does, and the ones with the gumption to escape have learned to work hard and value Freedom and fear large Government. Many Filipinos are hard working and value independence. The rrest? Not so much.

    Now since Obama and the Democrats have squared off against the Cathoilic Church, you'd think that would make a difference. It would, if socialists hadn't infiltrated the Hispanic churches the way they have. You can only serve one master and that is Marx in their case.

  4. And Jeb saying republicans are acting stupid, would you agree with his idea of reaching out to Hispanics by embracing amnesty and open borders, while he undermines and impugns conservatives who have been acting with concern for the lawlessness that is now common place, and against the future loss of our country through a non-declared invasion, leaving alone for now the security concerns that are entailed by the open avenues available for terrorists crossing into our country from our northern and southern borders? Can anyone truly be called a friend of Hispanics if he is not first a friend of the country? Could someone who would have us win the election but loose the country reasonably consider others in his party stupid while he reserves for himself the notion that he is "smart". And his timing - calling conservatives that have placed his party in power in 2010 "stupid" just before the most important election the nation has faced since 1860?

    "I gotta ask ya, Beav, how smart can a fella be that goes around saying stuff like that?"

    "Gee, I guess I didn't think about it, Wally. This grown-up stuff sure is hard sometimes."

  5. I agree with you. There is no point to reaching out to people whose values are 180 degrees from your own. You'll just become the other guys--in this case socialists/Democrats. A political party that was always home to Cloward-Piven. And anyone who is a friend of Cloward-Piven is an enemy of this nation by definition, since it seeks to overload its economic system. And given the importance to our economy to the world, they just may be an enemy of the world as well.

    Sorry for that typo-fest above. I just got finished cutting the grass with a killer migrane and I should have spent a bit more time on it--like reading it before I hit "publish."