Sunday, September 23, 2012

“I’ve seen Joe up close”

Taking a turn from her husband's curious knack for awkward phrasing, the wife of the Vice President had a little fun relating her impressions of "big Joe" in a manner that most probably would prefer not to hear.

“I’ve seen Joe up close.” she asserted, arms outstretched. It wasn't clear if she was speaking here of big Joe, or "little Joey".

Shrugging off decorum, and egged on by her grinning husband, the Second Lady described her husband's 'big, strong heart' in a manner that begged innuendo.

At first pleading innocence, she soon warmed to her task, adding a pregnant pause in her prepared remarks on how she had "heard the urgency in his voice when he comes ... and talks to people".

Awkward, yes. Crass, certainly... but it was mother's milk to the assembled Democrat nit wits. Of course just the previous day her husband had told an assembly of high school student-athletes how impressed he was with what cheerleaders could "do", so in jumping into the mud pit with such relish she seems to have sanctioned the awkward comments her husband had made to the teens.

Less than ideal.


  1. Planned spontaneity.

    You can tell that she is not comfortable speaking to a large group. I would be amazed that she did not practice a speech, under those circumstances and she would have noticed the words "I have seen Joe up close" and the hand gesture someone told her to make. She is a intelligent person, a medical doctor, right? I don't think she made much of a pause with that second one, but examine that sentence closely: I've heard the urgency in his voice when he comes and talks to people*. Does that even make any sense? Seems to me that it was written by Joe Biden or another moron specifically to get a laugh. The two "gaffes" are written to work together.

    * The standard line would be "I've heard the empathy in his voice when he is talking with people telling him their troubles, I've seen the tears in his eyes and the determination to make things right." She is reading her remarks and her "mistake" was planned. "I have heard the urgency in his voice when he is talking with people" is easy for an uncomfortable public speaker to say. The "comes" is a totally phony addition. Biden apparently doesn't mind sacrificing his wife to cover up his innate stupidity.

  2. So Mrs. Biden is taking us for a little ride again. The Democrats do that - all - the - time. Tiresome... and insulting really. They want us to vote for them and they're lying to us, about silly stuff, just kind of a base form lie. Well, a heck of a party.

  3. But let's face it--I'd do anything to keep Joe Biden out of the house too. I don't blame Dr. Jill Biden for not wanting him home. And the oth she took prevents her from putting him into a burlap sack and throwing him into a river. Tough spot to be in.