Saturday, September 1, 2012

To our president...

Did he not hear their national anthem playing?
When everyone in uniform saluted, do you think that registered at all?
Wasn't that a tip off to him that he was missing something?


  1. What? He thought the band was playing "My Country 'Tis Of Thee" to provide his moving toast a little musical accompaniment.

    In his world, it's all about him.

  2. Captured for us here we have the painfully all too familiar slow back and forth, the gazing over the tops of the heads of his audience, the solemn expression, the measured delivery, and his assumption that everyone is keenly listening to him. There are other things that are bigger and more important than Barry Obama, and I wish he would get that. But wishing isn't having.

    Meanwhile, after missing the obvious cues all around him, he is left to observe the embarressed expression on the face of the Queen, who is utterly unable to respond to his raised glass. If it were me I would be hugely embarressed. He looked angry to me, and I noticed that he raised his glass but then set it back down without drinking a drop... the clown.

    Thankfully, the Queen has the luxury of a set of his speeches she can listen to, which was very good of him. He is so very thoughtful.

    Now what about that empty chair day?!

  3. In the words of Shakespeare: Holy crap, what a blithering idiot.
    There should be a single key on all standard keyboards that allows you to write "Imagine if that had been George Bush" with just one tap. Far more useful, and regularly needed, than Page Up and Down.

  4. Did you catch this at the time it went down, Bedes? I myself did not, but these types of glaring gaffes are largely suppressed here in the states. Oftentimes we have to read the UK news media to find out what the heck is going on, as the latest flap over the attacks of our embassies in Egypt and Libya demonstrate. Here, stateside, the media focus is not on asking El Supremo if he has bungled his foreign policy, not on his State Department's failure to increase security on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks (why, for heaven's sake, should they have to do that?), no the focus of the liberal media is upon whether or not Mitt Romney should have commented on the events. My word, the man is running for president! I suppose one must not comment on world events and the United States' position in the world when one runs for president... the dolts.

    As to George W. Bush, he is so much more of a gracious man.. he would never have done this. The way President Bush would have carried himself in the room would have been much different. If he were to raise a toast to the Queen, his focus would have been on the Queen, not on himself. It's not just that His Exaltedness missed all the cues around him, which may very well speak to his perceptiveness and intelligence, it is his self absorption, the sense that he is better than all his company, the arrogance of the man. Only the left could support a man such as this.

  5. No I've never seen it before. We don't splash these sorts of things around our mainstream media either. We worship him here too.
    I never like to wonder what 'history' will make of anything we do, because that would be to make the unwarrantable assumption that history is distinguishable from those who write it, and that sanity will make a comeback in the future rather than, as seems most likely to me, will retreat further, to the very lip of oblivion.
    But in what I call the hypo-opti-future, a mythical future in which reason again prevails, I think the Obama phenomenon, from chapter one right through to however the hell it's going to end, will be recalled as - if not the worst, most bloody or most appalling - surely the most transparently embarrassing chapter in the history of man. The years when the most logical societies on earth inflicted on themselves and the rest of the world a patent fool simply to satisfy their own narcissism and conceal the profundity of their emptiness. A man whose influence was as dangerous as his grasp of his own actions was limited, his unchecked arrogance matching their wildest claims of him and yet still somehow never subjected to self-inquisition or doubt.

  6. As the bodies of the embassy dead were being unloaded after their trip home, and the maudlin spectacle was unfolding for public consumption, manufacturing the images it hopes will fill the void of unanswered questions and lies told to explain shortcomings reported by the foreign press, here’s the Tweet that went out from the President: “Winter is coming, but these sweatshirts are perfect for fall: http://OFA.BO/rj5Tns”