Friday, September 21, 2012

Obama Flag: Peddling the Plutocracy

As if lying to the American public over the recent embassy attacks wasn't enough, this creep in chief is now hocking "Obama Gear" to raise funds for his imperiled candidacy. Yep, 35 bucks will get you a flag with no stars, no stripes, just the Obama symbol and red streaks across a field of white.

And here's the tweet this guy used to announce it:
A poster to say there are no red states or blue states, only the United States: OFA.BO/gfHgXM
Looks more like the "O" is taking the place of all the states.  What is that, exactly?  Why does he have a symbol?  What kind of man would think his symbol should replace the symbol of the stars that always resided in a field of blue, each one symbolizing one of our individual states?

He wasn't thinking of this when he came up with the "O" flag, was he?
U.S. consulate, Benghazi, Libya

Oh, yeah, and now that he has completed his evolving, the Obama store is replete with LGBT gear, proclaiming the wearer's undying (well, in view of Ambassador Stevens, let us say unwavering) unwavering support of El Supremo!

With a hat tip to Darrell.

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  1. Multiple terrorist attacks on Obama's watch.
    Words that must never form in the mind, much less your lips or typing fingers.

    Must the Press re-evaluate Romney's words now? Well, yeah. But they won't.

    Five bloody streaks left by Ambassador Stevens on the embassy wall. Five red streaks in Obama's flag (most likely approved months ago). Even fate is conspiring aginst him. But Romney had a bad week, according to our Media (a.k.a., campaign to re-elect Obama). Obama? Awesome!!!11!!