Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Festival!

Tis the season once more to sit by the fire, get a warm blanket and watch our favorite Christmas shows!

See if you can identify the movies from which the photos below are from, and put in your pick for this season's Chrsitmas spectacular!

And now the answers to our Christmas movie quiz:

The Magnificent Ambersons

It's A Wonderful Life

The Bishop's Wife

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Family Man

A Christmas Story

Love Actually

Little Women

While You Were Sleeping

Get out a warm blanket, pull up the big sofa chair, and come share with us in our holiday cheer!


  1. I think I have them all bar the last two...

  2. Cathy will be all out of sorts if you don't get #5 - it's an American favorite. And that last is a favorite of mine, I so love the slow realization that Nicholas Cage's character goes through, to the point where he cannot think to have it any other way - great stuff. But the point is to suggest a favorite - it doesn't have to be one of these six - and after Thanksgiving we will watch them together if you like. Thanksgiving falls upon November 24th this year, for those of you across the continent and on the far side of the ocean.

    Meanwhile, it is my turn to pick out a show to tide us over to the holidays, and I have been thinking for some time about several, but with the colds soon upon us I think I will go with a tale of love and war and the value of each of us. I hope you will join me for 'Dr Zhivago'.

  3. Cathy will be all out of sorts if you don't get #5

    Well, perhaps... but more in sorrow than in anger. ;)

    P.S. And I just figured out the last one I wasn't sure about.

    Hey! Where's Darrell?

  4. I know them all, with the exception of
    The Magnificent Ambersons. :-)

  5. Has it grown a new one? Now I don't know the last three. Go on, I give up. I don't even recognise the actors in the last one.
    (Sorry, Cathy!)

  6. That's Love Actually, Matthew.
    The woman is Keira Knightley. I don't do dudes.

  7. And that's Makenzie Vega and Nick Cage in Family Man in pic#5. OK, I remember Nicolas cage's name without looking it up.

  8. Yes, yes. The first is of course The Magnificent Ambersons - very lovely show, very sad, very well done. The second is young George Bailey in It's A Wonderful Life. The third is Cary Grant and the lovely Loretta Young in The Bishop's Wife. The fourth is everybody's favorite chrismas special, A Charlie Brown Christmas. The fifth is Nicholas Cage being examined for signs of alien life in The Family Man, the sixth is of the family home in the whimsical and well loved A Christmas Story, and the last is Keira Knightley and Andrew Lincoln in the delightful christmas melody Love Actually.

    But what shows shall we visit this year?

  9. I vote Family Man.

    But why limit this to one film? You can still keep it as a single Holiday thread. People can comment on the ones they watched when they watch them. You can bump it to the top of the page for the entire season. If you want to start a second thread, how about new finds--Christmas films that few know about? You can have more than one film there as well. People have more than a month to see what they can.

    I start out the second thread now. A Golden Christmas (2010). What? Did you think I was going to suggest that Finnish horror film where they find Santa underneath the ice and all hell breaks loose? That's my second pick.

  10. Well I've never heard of A Christmas Story, so I don't feel so bad about that... but not recognising Keira???
    I am truly ashamed, and I can only hope she's not reading this.

    How about "The Apartment"?

  11. Sure. With Jack Lemon and Shirley MacLaine? Is that a Christmas show? It doesn't have to qualify in any way. We'll go by your say so. And The Family Man would be good fun. I'd really like to see that one again. For myself, I'm going to vote for A Christmas Story. I never have really seen it all the way start to finish, but so many people like it that I would be keen to hear what you guys have to say. That and the fact I know Cathy is one of those that love it. And of course I expect everyone will still have their own shows to watch again. For sure I will see A Charlie Brown Christmas (that's a must) and I intend to watch Love Actually once more this year. We can use this thread as a Holiday thread (or Christmas thread if you will) as Darrell suggests. A Golden Christmas? I'll see if I can find a photo for it, but individual threads will be for whatever people choose.

  12. Yes, it's a beautiful film about two lonely souls finding each other over a New York Christmas.

  13. but not recognising Keira??? I am truly ashamed...

    What's more embarrassing than that is that I recognized her solely by that bit of flesh showing around her waistline, and a quick look at the profile of her body. I should not be able to do that. I wouldn't want her to read this, either, although I equallly sure it would be the least of my problems.

  14. HEY!
    If anybody recognises Keira solely by that bit of flesh showing around her waistline and a quick look at the profile of her body, it's ME!
    Got that, pal?!

  15. Matthew! For shame!

    That should be "If anybody recognises Keira solely by that bit of flesh showing around her waistline and a quick look at the profile of her body, it's I!"


  16. Sure, that gets a response. But your review of Possession? Crickets.

  17. Heck, I can recognize Saffron Burrows if I see the right guitar.

  18. Okay, we will start off the festival this weekend with The Apartment, follow that with A Christmas Story, then The Family Man and finally finish with whatever Cathy wants to do.

    So The Apartment... a couple of days.