Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Terrance Takes Ms. Parker to Task

Pundit and part time TV personality Kathleen Parker has offered some commentary on the changing face of the Republican party:
"Republicans aren’t really stupid, of course, and Begala acknowledges this. But, as he also pointed out, the conservative brain trust once led by William F. Buckley has been supplanted by talk radio hosts who love to quote Buckley (and boast of his friendship) but who do not share the man’s pedigree or his nimble mind."
To which Terrance observes:
The intimation is that people who "boast" of being Buckley's friends couldn't really have been such because they don't have the same sparkling wit and intellectual class as Buckley himself. Of course, that would mean that Buckley had almost no friends, since few were his intellectual equals.
And hoisting Ms. Parker on her own petard
To imply that someone else's talk about a personal friendship is meaningless with no evidence other than that the friends have differences is not only anti-intellectual because no proof is given, it also betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of friendship.

Read the whole thing here.


  1. By the way, a great little video of Rush Limbaugh being interviewed by Bill Buckley is included in the post. Rush called it, and back in 1992.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, JN!

  3. Do we have some fun around here or what?! Love that photo of Crown Point, by the way. The gateway to the Columbia Gorge!

    Those of you that are Daryl Zero fans (and who isn't?) will recognize Vista House as the location of the final blackmail drop, where our hero, who melded into the background dressed as an usher, had anticipated the move and was present to observe all. Now of course, the interior of the shot was the OMSI Planetarium, but no cool exterior shots at the Planetarium, so it was off to Crown Point for the dramatic final. If you want a fun detective story shot in Oregon, Zero Effect is the way to go. Very cool movie.