Monday, November 21, 2011

- These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For...

With a pronouncement of such hyperbole that it bordered on the absurd, Democrat Henry Waxman professed to Obama Administration Energy Secretary Steven Chu that the Administration's failed investment in Solyndra saved the world from fires, droughts and floods.
“I want to put this in perspective Dr. Chu,” Waxman told Energy Secretary Steven Chu on Thursday at a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing on the Solyndra failure. “You’ve been trying to move our nation toward a clean energy economy. And that’s essential to protect American families from fires and droughts and floods and other extreme weather that climate change will bring.”

The curious comments came during Dr. Chu's halting testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. That's half a billion tax payer dollars that went down the tubes, but according to Waxman's way of thinking, who really cares? In fact, to decry the waste of the $535-million loan is a trick of party politics.
“My Republican colleagues on this committee have been trying to block these efforts [green subsidies] every step of the way. Republicans in Congress and their allies in the coal and oil industry oppose efforts to put a price on carbon pollution. They oppose funding research into new clean energy technologies. They oppose investment in clean energy companies which – like Solyndra – would produce new technologies. I think you’re on the right side of history. The Republicans are on the wrong side and I think what they’re doing is leading us astray”
Oh, so the guys that are blowing billions of dollars on failed start-ups in a technology industry with a strikingly limited market are the guys on the right side of history? The guys pulling out with millions of dollars while the US tax payers are on the hook for billions, these are the guys on the right side of history? No Mr. Waxman, they are not on the right side of history, and you sir, are no on the right side of history.
“What Congress should be doing on energy policy is to encourage development of new energy sources so that we don’t have to rely on oil and coal and nuclear,” he said.
Nope. What congress should be doing on energy policy is take steps to increase the production of energy here in the United States, not blow soap bubbles or use tax payer funds to dream up pie in the sky solutions.
"We've lost the money. There’s nothing there. Move along.”
“We have lost the money, it’s unfortunate, but there’s no scandal there,” said Waxman. “There’s nothing there.”

Who does this guy think he is?!


  1. "The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded."

  2. Guys like Waxman, Reid and Pelosi are such lying weasels. It's not spin, trying to minimize the bad and magnify the good. It is misleading the American people in the most brazen fashion. They just make me ill.

  3. And no, all that hand waving wont get you any mileage, Waxman. I hate to burst your bubble, but we are not weak minded... and you are no Jedi master.

  4. "Who does this guy think he is?!"

    That's obvious: he knows he's a Democrat.

    The Democratic Party was *started* as a loot-the-public-fisc enterprise (specifically, that of New York and NYC); these jokers are just being true to their roots ... same as their ever-present and only thinly veiled racism is just being true to their roots.