Sunday, November 27, 2011

What is this guy doing?


I don't know. I have a hard time listening to President Obama talk about how hard he's working to create jobs, get the economy going, how really bad it was when he came in to office, the problems he inherited, how really tough it's been on him, and how we need to toughen up ourselves, learn to sacrifice, and take on our fair share of the burdens. Meanwhile once he gets off the golf course (and mind you he's had thirty trips to the links so far this year) he's out trying to inflict another economy crushing tax bill, or looking to pass another spendapalooza.

If the president wants to play golf, shoot some hoops, travel off to the islands or watch some basketball, whatever... that's fine with me. Just get your boot off the throat of America.

The rest of us need to work.


  1. "The rest of us need to work."

    And work you shall!

    Now! bring me another hotdog!

  2. And the president was a big part of that. Another fine accomplishment for this White House.

    But on a more serious note:

    Go Beavs!!