Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arizona Proud

With the passage of the Arizona Legislative law allowing state and local law enforcement officers to verify the citizenship of people they are interacting with has come an opportunity for the great leader of our nation to impugn yet another group of law abiding citizens. This is nothing new, as so far the president has impugned the management of the major automakers, law enforcement officers of Cambridge, US doctors and hospitals, the health insurance companies, Wall Street investors and the US taxpayers as a whole. Well, on to disparaging all the citizens of the great state of Arizona.

The first priority of our federal government is to keep the citizenry safe. Our borders must be secure to do this. Contrary to our president's pronouncements, peace in the Middle East is not a national security issue. Border security in Arizona, Texas and New Mexico is. As per the language in the law passed:
If a police officer comes into “lawful contact” with a person (because their job as a police officer requires them to do so), and the officer has “reasonable suspicion” that the person is an alien or illegal resident, that officer must make a reasonable attempt to ascertain whether that person is in the United States legally. If, in the course of that “lawful contact”, the person provides an Arizona driver’s license, photo ID, tribal identification, or any other piece of identification for which they had to prove their legal residence when they got it, then that person is automatically assumed to be a legal resident.

Shocking, isn't it. A regular Gestapo hell.

Meanwhile, the President has called it misguided and asked the attorney general to look into the constitutionality of the law, tacitly approving unrest in the hispanic community and placing the lives of Arizona citizens and law enforcement officers at risk. For a guy who just a few days ago was concerned about tone and worried about anti-government protest and potential violence, he suddenly has lost his bearings.

Rather than providing leadership and addressing the problems our Southwest and nation as a whole has with illegal immigration, this president has chosen to inflame the situation for his political gain. It goes without saying that the law passed in Arizona was not brought into being because the people of Arizona are racist or bitter or hateful people. It occurred because the Federal government has failed. This is not something he should be bringing attention to. It is something President Obama should be embarrassed by.

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  1. Oddly enough, the Jews (whose families had been in Germany for humdreds of years) wanted to get out of Nazi Germany ... and the Nazis would not let them leave. Whereas, these illegals are pouring into the Arizona, and the US in general ... and we just want them to leave.

    But, yeah, I can see how someone might mistake Arizona for Nazi Germany.