Saturday, April 10, 2010

Every Dawg Has His Day

Jay Currie's foil, the very capable but quite liberal Dr. Dawg, has been all in a tizzy about the Tea Party movement, disparaging it's members and claiming that they are white supremacists and others of the non-enlightened among us. Well, here you go, Dawg.

You will not need to wait for evidence to tar the Tea Party people. More of your own are out there generating the story you've been pining for.

Pity that that does not advance your argument.

You can also read about the fun loving infiltrators on Andrew Brietbart's site.

Some would argue that this is part of the democratic process, that these people have a right to speak there mind as well as anyone, and that this effort is just a clever version of political speech.

Such people are lying scumbags.

Anyone capable of making that argument is capable of understanding the difference between presenting one's opinion and disguising yourself to falsely represent your neighbor. It is a type of character assassination, which for the morally challenged among us is specifically listed in the Ten Commandments as sinful behavior. "Thou shalt not bear false witness" is not limited to truth telling in word only, but in deed as well. It specifically speaks of the sinfulness of misrepresenting the actions and character of another person. Here the left footmen are playing to the left leaning media, looking to provide it with bogus evidence that would support the narrative that they have been passing off as reporting all along.

The hosers.

Hat tip to Bob Parks over at Black and Right.

My word, the creep that is up to all these hijinks is one Jason Levin, from right here in Portland, Oregon, who works in the Beaverton School District as a Media instructor.

Levin said his goal is to encourage the most extreme rhetoric.

"Our plan is not to shut them down," Levin told Talking Points Memo Monday, "but to infiltrate them and push them farther from the mainstream."

Right, to make the Tea Party types appear odd and out of touch with the mainstream of America.

What other thoughts might this young man grace us with, say perhaps on his My Space page?

"As a black lesbian trapped in the body of a straight white man, I am able to pass as a member of the establishment wile still maintaining my oneness with the spirit of the Earf Muvah."

Jason...put down the beer.


  1. I'm not terribly surprised at any of this, Nick.

    Utterly bereft of facts, liberals resort merely to handy "factoids"--ideologically-oriented statements and findings about the world that are not necessarily true but revised to the way they wish to have things. So the Tea Partiers are said to be racist middle age white moms with too much time on their hands, or paunch-bellied Klan guys who traded the holey hoods for complains about trillion buck Eurosocialist health care. I love it. Well, not I don't. Actually I should say I love the confirmation that we on the Right are accurate in the portrayal of these nasty liars (whom as we see have ready jobs in the frowsy public school systems and other government venues) as concentrating on belittlement, parody, and mock.

    The Left has always been about lies and deception sprinkled and glommed over with what some consider a properly respectable dosage of half-truth, peppered with occasional pedantics over terms.

    P.J. O'Rourke's non-charitable term for not seeing the larger philosophical trends of the world and lying about utter minutia, in Media Matters styling, is"quibbledicks."

    After all, that's all the Left has.....left....

  2. Mr. Levin is of the opinion that claiming he feels he is a 'black lesbian' will end up getting him some play. He's not really the dorky beer guzzling white guy that he appears to be. He has some funk, he can relate to women's stuff...AND he is all about getting his freak going with the ladies.

    Look, Jace, dealing with your sexuality is all about getting real, just getting out there and letting go, being honest. This whole 'black lesbian' thing? It isn't you. It's not honest. And if we can't trust each other, where are we?

    Come on man, meet me halfway.

  3. He must have missed the Big Announcement...

  4. I know, I know... that was a special moment.