Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obama's Have Big Year

As we struggle under crushingly poor economic times, mind numbing government spending and a pending massive increase in our tax burdens, it is heartening to know that the Big O had a big year.

Usually moving to the helm of the nation does not place one amongst the nation's highest earners, but the President has been a transformative figure in many ways, not the least of which is his capacity to sell himself to the mindless Obama-zombies of the left. Apparently the book business has been very, very good to Barry, and made up the bulk of his earnings. His taxable income for 2009 was a whopping 5.5 million, mostly off the sale of his two autobiographies.
"Sales included his audio versions of the books, for which Obama won two Grammy awards in the spoken-word category"

The guy won two Grammys for reading his damn books? Out loud?! What a country!!

Anyways, those numbers did not even include the 1.4 million dollars that went along with his winning the Nobel Peace Prize. It all has resulted in a big, big boom year for Barry. And we can all feel good about that.

I know I do.


  1. Okay, nobody wants to comment, so I will.

    I can't believe this creep is making so much damn money, while he is going about destroying everyone else's chance to just make a living. It is so off! I mean, give me a break. He wants to spread it around, try starting with your own pile, cheese head.

  2. Here I am so blinking fed up and disgusted and full of hatey hating hate, and you crack me up with "cheese head"!

  3. I failed to credit Wake with the "hatey hating hate" -- which so well sums up how I've been trying so hard not to feel!