Monday, April 5, 2010

April's Got Game

Writing interesting, edgy, thought provoking pieces is standard fair for fan favorite April Gavaza, and the coveted Steyn link is not unheard of... but the Hyacinth Girl went Big League with the mention of her blog on The Rush Limbaugh Show. Twenty million listeners, 5 million at any one time...that's big time. And she did it with the hard truth:
"We are a lazy, spoiled, ADHD culture–soft and uninterested in thinking for ourselves. At least my generation is."

Did I say Rush mentioned her blog? Well, actually he read the entire post, Uplifting, and read it very well I might add.

Congratulations April!

Well deserved.


  1. It's a good thing she put in that new paneling, isn't it?

  2. So, somebody tell me what happened "after the break"! I saw a flurry of posts telling April about Rush's show, and found a streaming radio station with a delayed broadcast. I got to hear him read her post, but had to leave before he started taking calls from listeners. ???

  3. I've got it all on i-pod download.

    I'll give it to you straight after work tonight.

  4. Rush read April's post 'Uplifting', and then read a post from Kathy Shadle's blog Five Feet of Fury, then he took a call from a really nice gentleman who had been in the banking business for many years, and he spoke of how the policies Democrats and this administration, or regime as Rush likens them, have been following have destroyed the banking industry and the financial stability of the economy, and Rush did not take a call regarding April's piece or come back to April's comments. But I must say he read her piece very well, and it was a great pleasure to hear my friend's work getting that kind of national recognition. Yeah April!

  5. Have you guys been reading Darrell's comments on the Lint Covered Candies and the Rise of the Nanny State post? That guy is hilarious, super quick, and all various schemes by which to encourage people coming by to hit April's tip jar. It was great!!

    Maybe April will end up getting those shoes after all!

  6. Re Darrell's comments -- Yes! I think he's decided to make that his catch-phrase.

    “It’s too technical to explain to the lay mind, but Miss Emmy doesn’t like it.”

  7. Well yes, first it was just a part of a comment, then he had the presence of mind to turn it into a catch phase trailer, and yet his comments are still variations on how donating to the party is all well enough, but donating to April, now that is moving the country forward! For example:

    "All they need is your vote, for candiates that deserve your vote. Isn’t that what the contribution is hoping to get anyway via ads ? You won’t catch April flittering away her funds. [Note to the Left--you can, I'm sure, if you "sting" her with a big donation!] I can’t even get her to lift weights in a sundress, lest it get ruined. Perhaps if enough people donate, she’ll have a change of heart. Especially if she adds an “Amazon Wish List” button to the right column–and I spring for the dress she picks out. I still believe.."

    But not to leave out any pockets that pass by, he spawns the brilliant idea that the Soros types could very well cause April's downfall by making a large donation, then she will have the bottle money to get herself caught up in some wild LA lesbo strip bar - it's all just too funny!

  8. You're right -- his mind goes in a lot of directions at the same time, but in a useful way! And that [Note to the Left bit was truly clever.

    I kinda wish he had his own blog, so we could tell him so more privately.

  9. Looks like April picked up 120 comments and over 6,000 hits in two days.

  10. Holy Hannah.

    It's been quite the one-two punch, with Steyn excerpting a major portion of Looking Down, and then Limbaugh reading the whole of Uplifting. Who knows who might be among those 6,000 hits. Are there blog talent scouts?

  11. Well, a lot of the comments were from people that sounded a lot like you when you first showed up. And a lot more people read than comment. I certainly feel it is a good thing. I remember when Kathy Shaidle was first wondering if she could support herself just by writing, and Mark Steyn was kind enough to give her a plug every now and then, and gall darn it she has done it! I hope for the same for April as well. It is what she really wants to do. I'd love to see her get it. She's a gem, and a lot of fun to read.

  12. Her blog becomes increasing valuable as the traffic goes up. There are ads that can be placed along the margins and ... well you know all that stuff!

  13. Think she'll give us a cut of all those revenues? *gleefully rubs hands*

  14. New paneling?

    Well, she's in the big time now, and like the Jefferson's is-a-movin'-on-up!

    That paneling is the kind you find at the Empire Club.

    Special Reserve. Cigar and brandy rooms where power playahs stategerize over politics.


    Now, to keep her outta traffic court.