Thursday, April 8, 2010

Obamas to Appear on "American Idol"

At last, a setting where I could be happy to see the Obama's. Barry could pour his energy into leaving a lasting impression on the judges, and the nation would remain safe from harm. But alas, the headline was too good to be true, and as we read the body of the text we realize that instead of the hoped for three to four month stint, the Obama's will be limited to a 30 second spot.

Don't you sometimes wish we could just be on a different planet or something?


  1. Don't you sometimes wish we could just be on a different planet or something?

    Yes, I do. And I suspect plenty of other people do, too. That's probably the real reason those NASA missions got canceled.

  2. How about a run for the title in Dancing With The Stars for the Obama's? That could usefully occupy them for several months. I would keep voting for them all the way to the title, no matter how awkwardly they did the marenga. That would be one arena in which I really would wish for this president to succeed!

  3. Ooh -- and each would have a different professional partner, and compete against each other. Imagine the fury unleashed -- I think I just scared myself!

  4. Wouldn't it be great if that was all that was on his mind?



  5. *grin*

    Let's start a write-in campaign to draft them!

  6. Like I told Ilíon, almost akin to Dancing with the CZARS.

    I think it was Charlie Sheen's character in Platoon who mentioned there is a place where the laws of science and logic and reason break down, and no attempt--however heroic, can make sense of what idiot politicians and their bootlick stoogies say or do when they send you to do dirty work or make you their bitch.

    It was known to us long before astronomy opened up other worlds. We and the theologians know this world.

    It is called "hell."

  7. So my point, at this point would be: Why not?

    Makes sense to me.

  8. I want Simon Cowell to adjudicate some of the Obamas' antics and declare in his Brit intonations that...

    " My God, man. That's the bloodiest awful political performance I've ever been pained to witness. Now, please have security get these two the hell off this rather expensive and professional stage so that the real guests invited and sent on to Hollywood can get on with real performances. Please do not ask me to waste my considerably expensive time any longer. Thank you. Goodbye. Nothing personal, but I'm a professional, and for this moment of said time, I'd rather listen to two cats being tortured with forks."

    But I'm not that lucky.

  9. Dancing with the CZARS -- Perfect!!

    The only problem is, they'll move the show to DC, replace host Tom Bergeron with Eric Holder, present a fair and open competition for the world to see, and "take home the coveted DWTS Disco Ball" (even if they don't have enough points to win).

  10. My word, Wakes, that's hilarious!

  11. Nick.

    The Greek philosopher Diogenes, who crawled along the ground, once interrupted, quite rudely, the warrior-boy Alexander the Great, by asking him to please get away so he (Diogenes) could enjoy the sun instead of being in the shadow of Alexander's troops on one sunny day.

    More patient on this day than usual, and long before the age of later and more militaristic life where his temper would have run such men through with a sword, Alexander was impressed by this lowly, dirty ma--who elevated the pragmatic over the pompous.

    Alexander later reportedly said that "If I were not Alexander, I should be Diogenes if the gods would allow."


    If I were not me, I should like, if the gods allow, to be Mr. Simon Cowell.