Sunday, April 4, 2010

Obama to Nation: 'Better Put Some Ice On That'

"Obama's 17-minute, 2,500-word response to woman's claim of being 'over-taxed'"

He's long winded, sure.

After having his way with the unwilling object of his affection, Bill knocked out the same sentiment with the six word phrase above. These guys are nothing if not polite. What a striking show of compassion and good will.

It's nice to know he cares.


  1. Talk about quashing dissent! No one will ever question him again.

  2. Bring the 'No-Doz'.

    Apparently someone in the risers was seen to yawn, and people in the back were heading for the door, but for all his wordiness and recent calls for civil discourse, it's all just a bunch of political bull. He just gave the nation a royal screwing, for our own good so he says. And now he jokes that Armageddon didn't happen after-all. Well, I guess we all can get a good laugh and know that everything is fine. But this is a new day. Do you feel much different the day before you are married versus the day after? Not much occurred, the world goes on much as it has, and yet everything has changed for you. Same could be said in regards to the listing of the spotted owl on the endangered species list. Not much happened one day to the next, but the Oregon timber industry was mortally wounded. We stopped logging a large part of the forested lands we had available, the loggers were done, the mills closed, the lumbar yards were cut back, we began shipping in lumbar from overseas. The passage of the healthcare bill was a big deal, and for the President to belittle his opposition's view point the way he does, to belittle their conscientious opposition to his policies, it is beneath the office he was elected to.

    The tough decisions have not been thrust upon him, nothing dangerous to the nation has yet occurred, and yet still it is clear, this man has no business being President of the United States.

  3. Regardless of where he was born, That Man an alien; he is not an American in his soul ... he does not love America, and he doesn't particularly like Americans.

    The office of Dogcatcher is too high for him.