Friday, April 23, 2010

- Tim Tebow Selected in First Round

Quarterback Tim Tebow of the University of Florida Gators was selected by the Denver Broncos with the 25th selection of the first round of the NFL draft. The Broncos traded a host of lower round picks to obtain a second selection in the first-round. The Broncos top choice was used to select Georgia Tech's Demaryius Thomas, brought in to solve a highly critical need at wide receiver. Thomas was selected with the 22nd overall pick.

Clearly the Denver coaching staff were excited to make the selection, and believe the athletic Tebow will make a valuable contribution to their football team. NFL talent scouts have been slow to embrace the highly physical and tough minded competitor, largely due to his unorthodox throwing style and lack of experience in running plays out of a pro-style offense. Tebow's mechanics and throwing motion were dissected repetitively in the weeks leading up to the draft, but the scrutiny has not soured the young athlete.

"I loved it, because it was so much football,"
Tebow said. "I enjoyed that. I enjoyed the working process and all the critics and negativity, it only pushed me that much more and made me work that much harder. I can honestly say that I think that made me better.

"I think that was a positive thing for me, to be honest with you. I believed in myself. I believed in the people that are around me and supporting me. I thank my quarterback coaches, for the work they put in, in constantly getting better,"
Tebow said.

Tim Tebow has shown himself to be an admirable young man, and he will remain so in my mind regardless of what happens at the professional level.

I have never been a Florida fan. Quite the opposite in fact, with my affections going to rivals LSU, Georgia and Auburn. The Gators under Steve Spurrier, and later under Urban Meyer just drove me crazy. There was always a nervous excitement in watching teams I supported play Florida, and from time to time they got the better of the Gators. But more often then not with Tebow at the helm, it was Florida that was handing out the hurt.

Regardless of who won or who lost, I always enjoyed the gritty toughness and competitive drive of their quarterback, Tim Tebow. Dealing with Tebow was a problem. Watching Tim play with the passion and determination he brought to the field was the best thing about playing football against the Gators. More importantly, through it all I always had the sense that it was of secondary importance to the tough as nails, highly competitive quarterback. As hard as he played and as much as he wanted to win, his faith in the Lord was foremost in his heart. That is something I greatly admire and desire to emulate.

I wish Tim Tebow all the success in the world.

Go Gators!


  1. (Cathy)
    I liked you post on Tebow -- he seems like truly one of the "good kids", even though I find I've become so wary of letting myself believe in anybody in the public eye.

    Cynicism versus disappointment -- gets to be a tough call sometimes.

    Yes, I can see how one might be fearful to place faith or trust in someone in the public eye. Sooner or later they are sure to disappoint...but I think that's okay. I'm sure one way or another something will happen in Tim's life that will be disappointing, but I think Tim is going to be okay, because of where his heart is and where he is placing his trust. I am thinking whatever comes, he will be okay, because like him, my faith isn't in Tim Tebow. : )

  2. You should have seen him in his sophomore year. He has been very good all four years, and was an impact player from the day he joined the Gators, but his sophomore year...holy cripes! Part of it was, the Gators were coming off a national championship, and they had lost some talent and just weren't quite as good that year. But scary... Tebow was a one man wrecking crew. I had never seen a quarterback play with that kind of toughness and determination to win. He was their best short yardage runner..their best power runner...and was deadly in the air as well. So darn tough..I mean he took guys on, he would lower his shoulder and knock guys back. You really had to make a solid tackle effort to bring him down, and it helped to bring a couple of team mates with you, cause he might just run over you if you weren't careful. He wanted the ball in the big pressure situations and he carried his team into contention. He won the Heisman Trophy that year as the best player in college football. I'll never forget it.

  3. Smarty -- you know what I mean. Tim Tebow isn't even a prince. :)