Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sandra Bullock To Divorce Jesse James

Sandra Bullock has filed to divorce her husband of five years, the brooding motorcycle mechanic Jesse James. I try to support marriages whenever I can, even after mistakes have been made. Sadly, it appears Jesse has been dishonest in his marriage for a very long period of time, and I think it unlikely he can change easily. I hope he will, for his behavior is personally destructive and will result in him being very disappointed with what comes of it. But for her sake I believe the right choice is to take the action she has.

I very much wish Sandra Bullock all the best.


  1. Did you see that they started adopting a baby -- before the Oscars, and subsequent Tattooed Lady expose. I can't even imagine what kind of emotional roller coaster she's been on.

  2. I think its going to be all right. He has three children from previous marriages, she had none. They started in on the adoption together, and she has completed the process on her own. Did you happen to catch Blindside yet? If not, give it a look some time. I think she did a great job acting in it, but I also think she herself was moved by the story.