Tuesday, August 10, 2010

JetBlu Flight Attendant Bails Out On Tarmac

The flight attendant career of Steven Slater came to a spectacular close Sunday when he lost patience with certain members of his clientele.

After requsesting an anxious passenger to remain in his seat and refrain from pulling out his overhead luggage, the passenger told him what for and then struck Mr. Slater in the head with his bag, accidentally like, as it came down from above them before the plane was properly parked. Funny, but that is exactly why they say not to do that. Returning to his crew station, Mr. Slater took advantage of his access to the plane's PA system to bid his final flight farewell.
"Authorities said Slater dropped several f-bombs on a JetBlue flight’s loud speaker Monday night, grabbed two beers, deployed the plane’s emergency slide at Kennedy Airport, and then took off."

Despite his haste to disembark, he did have the presence of mind to grab a couple of bebos before he hit the chute. I suppose you never want to be losing your composure as Mr. Slater did, but still there are times ...

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  1. This story is so... off. A temper tantrum with a passenger escalates to a hissy fit on the tarmac, dramatic diatribe delivered over the inner com to E V E R Y B O D Y on the plane. Pulls the emergency escape hatch, tosses his bags down, grabs a couple of beers and jumps down the chute, runs over to his car, races home, jumps in bed with his guy friend, home is surrounded by FBI and police and they pull him out of bed and drag him to jail... while he smirks at the camera. Even the police response seems over the top and a little light in the loafer.

    The one part I liked is stopping to grab the two beers. The rest of it can go.