Saturday, August 28, 2010

Obama, Bloomberg Discuss Economy Over Game Of Golf

President Barack Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg met to discuss the nation's economy on Saturday, while playing at the Vineyard golf course on the isle resort of Martha's vineyard.

The president's opening drive set the tone for the afternoon, a sharply struck slice that found the president deep in the woods and placed him in immediate trouble. He faired little better on the next hole. Obama hit a shocking 3-wood off the tee, straight in the air with a sharp hook that sailed over the trees and well out of bounds, off the golf club's property. This led to a triple bogey, from which he was never able to recover.

Barry needed to finish birdie-birdie to get in range of Bloomberg, who also seemed to be having trouble finding the narrow fairways of the course. To his great frustration, the president found he didn't possess a birdie club in the bag. Speed control was also a major headache for the nation's numero uno, as the president spent much of the late afternoon watching his ball rolling helplessly past the cup. Instead of closing strong, he faded on the back nine and finished a dismal 42 strokes over par, leaving him ... well back.

As to the nation's economy, it has felt the same deft touch the president displays in his golf game. Fears are growing that the country could lapse back into a recession. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke described the economic outlook as "inherently uncertain", and proclaiming guardedly that the economy "remains vulnerable to unexpected developments." Yeah.

Seems like the economy has been that way for a while. In fact, ever since President Bush left office the economy has been unexpectedly worse than advertised. Didn't we just hear that housing starts are off by record levels? Unemployemnt is also higher than expected. GDP? Unexpectedly low! Hmm. What do you say, Mr. Bloomberg?
"The stimulus bill, in the end, didn't go to do what the stimulus did back in the... after the Depression in the early 30s."

Oh yeah. Well, 1.5 trillion ain't what it used to be. So goes the Summer of Recovery.

By the way, great hats, girls!


  1. What is with this guy and the golf?

  2. Do you think if we could just keep this guy out on the golf course, tell him he is really feeling it now, maybe keep him on the driving range, we just might make it out of this recession?

  3. Didn't you mean--Obama, Bloomberg Discuss Golf Over Game Of Economy?

    Low wins both for these clowns. NY may find some public money to help finance The WTC Mosque, though. Necessities first and always.