Monday, August 9, 2010

Democrats Look To Split Conservative Vote

Electoral high jinks are nothing new to the Democrat Party. We are all familiar with last minute revelations, October surprises, trumped up and timed release 'scandalous' revelations, voter fraud and recounts till the 'right' candidate wins. This latest effort is just one more in a consistent pattern of attempting to subvert the electoral process. It seems the Democrats are flooding the elections with phony candidates whom they register as "Tea Party" candidates to siphon off the unsuspecting among us and split the conservative vote.

Gillman, who also authors the blog "Michigan Taxes Too Much" and is running for county commissioner, caused a stir in Michigan politics in late July after he released documents he obtained from state elections officials about the so-called Michigan Tea Party. The documents, he said, showed that of the 23 candidates under the Tea Party name, at least nine of them had affidavits notarized by a local operative for the Oakland County Democratic Party.

What the...?!
"Nobody had any idea who these people were," Gillman told "We could at least say, without question, it is the Democratic Party putting it on."

A bunch of candidates signed up to run for office, listing themselves as members of the Tea Party, and nobody knows who they are. Well, I'm sure Mr. McGuinness knows who they are.
The plot thickened after the Oakland County Democratic Party chairman, Mike McGuinness, told The Detroit News that operative Jason Bauer may have crossed the line by notarizing the affidavits."

Yeah, ya think, maybe?
He was quoted saying the activity was not "sanctioned" by the local party, but "we have to assess internally what we do next."

All just a misunderstanding, I'm sure.
"Representatives with the Oakland County and Michigan Democratic parties did not return calls seeking comment."

I'll bet.


  1. It's always all about getting and holding power.

  2. And for the Democrats, by any means necessary.

  3. And for the Democrats, by any means necessary.

    Say, you don't suppose that's why they waited until lots of conservatives had gone on record decrying Mrs. O's vacation expenses, to mention the grieving friend, do you? So we can also look like schmucks, and crank out mumbled So-sorry-didn't-know's?

    Though really, I still don't think the taxpayers should be taking a hit so the First Lady can cheer up an old friend. (But I'm just evil that way.)

  4. "But I'm just evil that way."

    You are. And I've been meaning to talk to you about that!

    Hey, look, if Michelle's dear friend and gynecologist (odd combination) suffered the loss of her father and she's feeling blue, maybe send her flowers, spend some time with her, talk, let her talk - the typical things friends do. Don't take her on a trip to Spain, and don't do it at taxpayers expense. I would be mortified to be doing personal things on the dime of regular taxpayers.

    Perhaps Mrs. Obama was unaware of how much her trip would cost you and I, but my guess is she doesn't care.