Tuesday, August 24, 2010

John F. Kerry: Statesman?

You’ve gotta love the self-importance of one John F. Kerry, whose recent very valuable and important trip to Afghanistan bestows upon him the street cred to opine on the situation and hint at his insiders information about what’s about. I guess he reported to duty, and now he is reporting back, mostly to tell us what a big f”ing deal he is. What a clown. Gee, John has been there and he can report back that he was right all along – we can’t win. Yeah, well what else would he say? Didn’t he say the same when he was a Lieutenant providing occasional and unreliable driving skills to his swift boat team and managing to self inflict purple heart earning shrapnel wounds into his ass? Does he ever say anything else about our military? That’s why its so great to have him on our team.

Well, he is now reporting that we are very active in negotiating our withdrawal with the Taliban. Bully for you John! Did it ever occur to you that negotiating a withdrawal with the Taliban will result in a massive slaughter of whoever was fool enough to help our effort there, much like we did with the hmong people in Vietnam? Yeah, well that plan seemed good to you, but of course you weren’t South Vietnamese, Cambodian or hmong. The political value of the peace agreement worked out seemed to have a little less sparkle from their perspective.

You’ve gotta believe this ass clown knows the agreements are no good. Of course they aren’t any good. What difference does it make to John F. Kerry?!

The idea of brokering a deal with the terrorist organization that harbored Osama Bin Laden is obviously frought with problems. Even this fool president realizes that. Still it gives those morally superior, great intellects among us like John Kerry the answer they seek - 'peace'. Peace with our enemies. Peace with those that want to kill and destroy my family and yours. "All You Need Is Love" is the foreign policy position of Mr. Kerry. But setting the stupidity of it aside for a moment, the gallingly irritating thing about the whole story is the obvious desire to self promotion and the need to appear important.

If such negotiations are going on, as callous and short sighted as that may be, to come home and start speaking about is assininly stupid. We are still there on the ground. We still have troops in harms way who are looking to achieve their mission of protecting and strengthening the current afghan government under Hamid Karzai. If it is broadcast...B R O A D C A S T ... that we are negotiating our withdrawal, then whomever has been assisting us better bug out or switch sides to survive the bloodbath that will follow Kerry's negotiated peace. That means they will need to switch sides in a dramatic way, feed the US forces they have been working with bad information, set them up for ambush, gun them down in the back. That means that Mr. Kerry, in his desire to promote himself, is not only willing to dry up US information sources and give up the lives of US informants and their families to rape, torture and throat slitting, but he is willing to sacrifice the lives of US servicemen. It is utterly irresponsible and contemptible, and is perfectly in congruence with the manner he has conducted himself as far back as his stint in Vietnam. This is what passes for political leadership in this country today.

Utterly contemptible.

Thanks for the report, John. We all see what an important person you are. Now go back to your yacht.

With thanks to Bob Belvedere.


  1. That picture just kills me.


  2. Lurch was killer on the harpsichord.

    It always struck me as ... unusual... that a man so large and so stoically reserved could be so flamboyantly expressive when he had a harpsichord before him.

    We're for having fun around here!

  3. Nick, this is a really great post.

    Isn't it amazing, how many Way-past-borderline Personality Disorders end up in DC?

  4. P.S. I love The Addams Family.

    You know, I think it was the first TV show I ever saw that suggested, well, romance, between parents.

  5. Yeah, that Gomez, he was over the top for Morticia. And you had to love his unbridled enthusiasm for... anything he set before himself.