Friday, August 20, 2010

Sports Writer Weenies Wait With Delight For Tebow Failure

Are there any people more absolutely irrelevant in the world than sports writers? Well, if there is any question in your mind, you can read this drivel from one Les Carpenter.
"There is something hypnotic about Tim Tebow that makes otherwise sensible football people grow weak. And it lulls them into overlooking the barriers set by those who have evaluated his college game tapes; those who say his style of throwing the ball is too cumbersome to translate to the professional game and find his headfirst plunges into the chests of tacklers as a great way to get hurt rather than a heroic display of manhood."
Les wouldn't know a display of manhood if it grabbed him by his donut shaped middrif and shook him like a bowl of jello. I'm sorry, but the ready willingness to belittle the physical courage of a person doing something Mr. Carpenter can hardly imagine (seriously) is extremely distasteful to me. His sneering is the antithesis of manhood.

Tim Tebow will definitely have a challenge staying healthy in the NFL, whether he accepts and initiates contact with defensive players or just receives their attentions as part of the usual NFL defensive 'scheme'. The fact of the matter is, Tebow is ready and willing to accept the challenge, come what may. If he can't stay healthy, does that make Les Carpenter admirable in any way? Does it prove that competitiveness and physical courage, which Tim has in spades, are deserving of the ridicule that Carpenter is so ready to heap on him?

Look, Les, Tim Tebow is the third string quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Twenty-four guys were picked in front of him in the draft, including Denver's top first round selection. Don't you think you could write a story on something a little more ... newsworthy?

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  1. In his Sophomore season, Tim threw for 32 touchdowns, which is excellent, but also notched an amazing 23 rushing touchdowns. That is the most rushing touchdowns in the SEC for a single season, for any position. He was the Gators best power runner, best clutch player, a super competitor and a natural team leader. He fractured his right hand in the third quarter of the game against rival Florida State, and finished the game. Tim is not going to go around trying to knock people out in head on collisions in the NFL, nor is he going to try to prove that he is tough. Whatever lightweights like Carpenter think, Tim is not about that. But he will play with the same guts and competitiveness as he always has, and that is why the Broncos drafted him.