Saturday, August 14, 2010

Maxine Waters Blames ... President Bush?!

The House Ethics committee is investigating Representative Maxine Waters for allegedly improperly using her position for personal gain. Just as a quick update, Maxine Waters' husband had 350,000 dollars worth of stock in OneUnited bank, which was on the brink of failing. Ms. Waters contacted Treasury Secretary Paulson, whose office met with her chief of staff, Mikael Moore, who is also Waters' grandson, along with representatives of OneUnited Bank. OneUnited received 12 of the 50 million dollars they requested from the government TARP bailout.
"The question at this point should not be why I called Secretary Paulson, but why I had to,"

Hmm. Would the reason why be that you had to avoid your husband taking a $350K loss, cause that's what it looks like, Maxine.
Embattled Rep. Maxine Waters on Friday blamed the Bush administration for her ethics problems -- saying she had to intervene with the Treasury Department on behalf of minority-owned banks seeking federal bailout funds -- including one tied to her husband -- because the Treasury Department wouldn't schedule its own appointments.

"The question at this point should be why a trade association representing over 100 minority banks could not get a meeting at the height of the crisis."

But the House ethics committee says in its report of charges that when the meeting was held only the officers of one bank were present. Those officers represented OneUnited.

Good grief.

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