Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Newsweek's Award Winning Reporters Still Swilling Same Old Hooch

Newsweek, which prides itself on its award winning reporting, took the first week of September to push back against the broad based public perception that President Obama sold himself as someone he was not, and has pushed forward an agenda against the will of the American people.

The noticeable public response to this has been catalyzed in the Tea Party, all of which Newsweek manages to get wrong, and wrong in the biggest way possible. Take Jonathon Alter's lead article on "The Illustrated Man"
"President Obama is our era’s Illustrated Man. His enemies—and even some of his ostensible allies—have been busy for three years painting Obama as some kind of alien threat. His name, race, exotic upbringing, and determination to reach out to moderate Muslims have given those who would delegitimize him a fresh palette of dark colors. The caricatures are almost comical, as the president himself recognizes."

Yes, and that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the anger and outrage this president has managed to engender against himself. Ray Bradbury's character had been the victim of a time traveling witch. Barack Obama is the victim of his own arrogant, grasping, power hungry, statist thuggish behavior. The man presented himself as an empty canvas, defining himself in only the vaguest of terms. What eighteen months of his presidency have revealed is that the man called Obama is the most liberal president this nation has ever had. He is a unparalleled disaster. This guy is the uniter? The post racial president? The bridge builder? This clown's agenda is all about taking advantage of whatever ails us, pretend it is a national disaster, whip up as much fear as possible and then use that as the impetus to push forward vast, sweeping changes that will change our nation at its core. And Alter - we didn't vote for this. We didn't vote for any of it.

Have we left the limited republic we were founded upon? Is 'a government of the people, by the people and for the people' a thing of the past, never to be seen again? If Barry has his way, the answer is yes, it's gone forever. He has something better in mind. Well guess what Newsweek? We the people are not happy. You think that's because we just are uncomfortable with a black man in the White House? We don't like the name Hussein? You're an idiot, Alter.

Snuck in before Alter's total whiff job is an equally inane Julia Baird piece, who offers that blacks are getting happy, and whites are less so. Who would write such drivel? Julia Baird is not likely to provide us insights into race relations. Her 'writing' comes off largely as a Glen Beck hit piece. And what are the reasons she offers for the supposed changes in happiness? Jules offers us three: first, blacks used to be very unhappy, and now they are less so. Second, it's something you can't measure, the erosion of prejudice. And the third reason? You'll never guess. The third reason is that whites have grown less happy.


She has managed to write an entire piece and say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Can you believe this? A Newsweek editor read and approved this article, seeing it as an informative piece on the culture we live in. How can that be?

To top it off here is how Newsweek chose to run their front page headline:


*who isn't actually any of these things.

Like you would know? When have you ever done anything other than carry the guy's water? Worthless pukes. Newsweek, as a member of the vaunted fourth estate, you have a constitutionally protected job to do.

Now get off your sorry ass and get to it.


  1. Notice that, according to Newsweek, among the things Obama is NOT is ... President.

  2. Oh my gosh.. now that is funny! Newsweek!!

    The picture above is taken from their website - but it wasn't supposed to depict their crack reporters from the newsroom. Only Larry is looking a little askance at the liberal cool aide they are handing out.

    Seriously though...look at Baird's conclusions. I swear, Moe would be right at home there. Plus, he could hand out some badly needed smacks. I think Moe should take over as news editor.

    "Did you write this, Alter? You checked sources on this and have two independent sources for these wise ass claims you're making? No?!! Why you NUMBSKULLS!"

    "Owe!! Moe, that's my writing hand!"

    "Oh yeah? Well try writing that crap after I give you some of this!"


    "Journalists! Enough to make me ...sick."