Monday, August 2, 2010

New Home Found

In light of the recent confirmation of his particular qualifications, a new avenue has opened up for the perky Barrack Obama.

I must say I am well pleased to see he has found an arena so well suited to his unique talents.

Go get 'em, Barrack. Best of luck in the new gig!!

If only...

With a hat tip to The Cookie Blog.


  1. Come on, you know you'd love to see it happen.

    Remember how thrilled we all were when we heard the Obama's were going to appear on American Idol? I was in a tizzy. Sadly, those heady hopes all came crashing down around me when it turned out it was only for a fifteen second spot, rather than a run at the title. Shame really, but hope springs eternal. The truth is the country would be safer with the blundering Joe Biden then with the arrogant, power hungry president we have been saddled with.

    And Barry would be great on The View.


  2. The "ladies" couldn't take it. There are limits as to how much stimulation any woman can handle.
    And when it's body, mind, soul, spirit, and strength....well. And let's not forget the "hopeium" part.

    Articles say that they are experiencing acute withdrawal as we speak. What a dilemma!

  3. But, on the other hand, what better place for a meterosexual than on that show?

  4. Oh, I know. And look how happy and dapper he looks. I don't know about you, but if I get caught when five women are getting together to talk, I'm looking for the side exits and sliding my way to the edge of the couch. Not this guy. And for my money that's pretty good circumstantial evidence in support of Sarah's observation. Check out the photo from the previous post.

    Could be pretty accurate.