Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cillizza Ponders the Palin Tipping Point


I know.. who the heck is Chris Cillizza? I don't think anyone knows. Nevertheless, he's one more newsie attempting to dismiss Sara Palin, this time by pondering the causes of her fall from grace.
"Even as Palin’s poll numbers have slipped, she, too, has faded somewhat from the spotlight. She continues to post notes on Facebook that draw thousands of comments, but she rarely seems to break through into the national dialogue.

So, when did Palin reach the political tipping point — and why?"
Gee, I don't know Chris, do you think it could have anything to do with the deluge of crap clowns like you have dumped on her for the last three years? The Posties can ponder on.

Meanwhile, the Politico is reporting Ms. Palin turning heads over at Tammy Haddad's Brunch Fundraiser.
"The big star at Tammy Haddad's eighteenth annual garden brunch was not, say, Chace Crawford, Morgan Fairchild or Shaun White. The biggest head-turner was Sarah Palin, who attended the party with Fox News' s Greta Van Susteren. Palin was also accompanied by her husband, Todd, and daughter Bristol.

"The nice thing about this is we're doing this for a cause, for special needs, which, of course, is near and dear to my heart," Palin told POLITICO. "A nice social event combined with helping to raise awareness and funds for special needs. We're honored to be here.""
Huh. And what about the newsies?
"Once inside, guests of all stripes angled to get a picture with Palin, including astronaut Buzz Aldrin. The hubbub was enough to cause one reporter to quip: "Look at all these reporters who typically rip her a new one mosey on up to her, desperate to get a photograph."
Sounds about right. That's why the Dems were so nervous and desperate to marginalize her, if ever they could. She has an appeal that the toadies of the press recognize, whether they are willing to speak of it...

... or not.


  1. You post this about Sarah and next thing we hear is that Osama Bin Laden has been shot dead by US
    special forces. Coincidence?

  2. Two rounds to the head, while he pulls his wife (which one?) in front of himself. The guy chuckled about the 9/11 hijackers, knowing that only the pilots were aware of what was to become of them. The "muscle" in the hijack teams thought they were flying to a destination other than the side of a skyscraper. He was always big on other people dying for his cause.

    About time he had his ticket punched.