Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative

So the trip to Sissy's wasn't all about cats?


As always, she's serving up a full plate, not the least of which was her comment on a book offered by a woman by the name of Jedediah Bila. I had never heard of her, but apparently after living in Manhatten for a number of years and working as an educator, she has written a book she titled OUTNUMBERED: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative
"They felt the need to 'remind' me that Obama is a 'genius,' Palin is an 'idiot,' and anything and everything is George W. Bush’s fault," Jedediah recalled sitting through lockstep faculty-lounge chatter in the aftermath of President Obama's election.
Sounds about right. Jedediah has come to some notice while doing early morning commentary on Fox's Red Eye show. Sissy ripped through "Outnumbered" in a day, and is saying it's good fair.

You can pretty much take that to the bank.

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