Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mr. President, We Are Americans

Roxeanne de Luca is crediting Peggy Noonan for making a good case to release the photos of bin Laden. Noonan is a day late and a dollar short as far as I'm concerned. Nice to see she is thinking a tad more critically these days.

But now Roxeanne is another story all together. Clearly never taken in by the likes of Barry O, she chaffs at his dismissive attitude toward the people of the United States. In her recent piece she points out that many of those suspicious of whether or not the president was a natural born citizen had a good reason to be suspicious. The attitude is a reflection of our independent spirit. This being so, the bin Laden photos should be released. In failing to do so, Mr. Obama mistakes American pragmatism for a desire to gloat:
"Given that context, it makes sense for the American government to disclose as much as it can without compromising human dignity, the safety of our military, and intel gathering – not so that we can “spike the ball”, but because we are Americans, not sheep."
You gotta love that Roxeanne de Luca. Read the whole thing.


  1. Like all his other lies and broken promises, the rationale behind the refusal to release the pictures of OBL's demise was quickly picked apart with his other actions in the following days--most notably with the government's lack of intervention in the court case that mandated the full release of the Abu Grahib photos--when previous leaks had already inflamed the Arab Street and lead to deaths and violence since 2004. Eric Holder appointing a special prosecutor to look into criminal charges against CIA interrogators who, during the Bush administration, allegedly were mean to terrorists, could be seen as a mitigating concession to that same street but it is certainly ironic given the source of the intelligence that lead to Obama's latest moment in the sun.

    The "72 Versions"--what Obama administration hacks gave us since last Sunday--does little to add to their credibility and much to make a case for Americans actually seeing the proof. Given his new birth certificate, though, those pictures will carry EXIF tags that they were created with Photoshop and multiple resolutions will be seen within a single photograph indicating that they were assembled with a computer, along with other tell-tale signs.

  2. He's riding this one a bit heavily, isn't he? Even by the man's own standards.
    "The longest forty minutes of my life" - is that really how a President should describe watching his own heroes and experts taking out one bad guy in the middle of an ongoing war?
    Even over here we've seen more than enough of him backpatting himself; over where you are I should think it's pretty much unbearable by now.
    An nice old English expression for his type, drawn from the lingo of horserace-betters: "he's got a few bob to win on himself."

  3. Darrell - excellent points, as usual.

    Bedes- "he's got a few bob to win on himself." That's perfect.

  4. The little commie girl in the corner of last Sunday's picture--Audrey F. Tomason, 'Director for Counterterrorism'.

    A few years before, introducing her personal hero Noam Chomsky (approximately 2:30 on the time stamp).

    Please Bede, take these people---please!!!!!!!
    I suppose it's a step up from Clinton's Chief of White House Security, Craig Livingstone--whose prior job was wearing a chicken suit to follow Pres. Bush I around during the campaign telling him that he was a chicken for not debating Clinton. At least Audrey can recognize a commie when she sees one. At least in the mirror, anyway.