Friday, May 6, 2011

Washing, Burial of bin Laden Engenders No Good Will For US

Faithful followers of the religion of peace.
The Islamic community in Britain have gathered to show their defiance over the killing of terrorist mastermind, extremist and wanton murderer of the helpless. bin Laden supporters gathered today to chant and rage, vowing death to the Western world in which they have chosen to live. Islamic cleric preacher Anjem Choudary organized the event:
"There will be one million Osamas. Muslims will remember Osama as a great man who stood up against Satan. Many will want to emulate his acts."
Why not start with his last act, getting one of his wives to run cover for him as a US armed forces team puts two rounds into his head?
"In Britain we have other options - like political action, but in other countries if your land is attacked or your family are put at risk you must defend yourself. We believe in the covenant of security that we must attack those we live with, but many do not."
And what do the assembled brother Muslims think the future holds for you and I?
"It is only a matter of time before another atrocity - the West is the enemy.”
Not all were in agreement with Mr. Choudray and his band. A man who left the Mosque said the group were a dangerous minority.
"They are crazy. They all benefit from UK education and UK benefits. They get everything for free and yet they still complain."
Is there anything so sad as unrequited love?
"You see the people walking past and ignoring them. Most Muslims have better things to do then this."
Most Muslims? Most anybody would have better things to do than what these clowns were up to.

The pro-bin Laden 'funeral' demonstration took place as relatives of the 7/7 London terror attack wept at the inquest into the atrocity just three miles away. The 7/7 attack had claimed 52 more innocent lives. Choudray and his ilk have no shame for the brutal missdeeds of their twisted fellow islamists.


  1. The fact that we exist and breath sparks rage
    on the "Arab Street." We should not give a fig
    what those people think.