Wednesday, May 25, 2011

HG To Brighten, Add Vitality To Steyn Cruise

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!!"

Everyone's favorite, April Gavaza, our very own Hyacinth Girl, has a seemingly forlorn hope to go off on the National Review Fall cruise.... and, by golly, we should all see if we can't help make it happen! Come on, put a fiver in the kitty. Roust yourselves, you can do it, and we shall get to go, one and all... vicariously of course, but we shall have participated none the less!

This is gonna be great fun! HG, Mr. HG, John Bolton, Andrew Klavin, K. Lo, VDH, Dinesh D’Souza, Tony Blankley, John Derbyshire, Jonah, Cal Thomas, my word, John Sununu, Andrew McCarthy, Ranesh, and Mark Steyn. Some of the most talented and interesting of conservative punditry. No, I will not be there, but lots of great guys and gals are going, and its our sincere hope, nay, our sincere duty, to send HG along.

Make your move and add a little sparkle to the Steyn Cruise.


  1. Just so you don't think there is any lack of interest on this topic, let me just point out that there were Blogger problems with sign-in that lasted a couple of days. Now they are sorted out.

    Send a girl to camp.
    Make it a Hyacinth Girl.
    What are you waiting for?

  2. Yes, I am heartily glad to hear that, as it is a subject of keen interest to me, and I would dearly love it if she could go.

    Did you check out the cruise site? I looked at it, but was confident I wasn't finding the lowest cost lodging. They wanted me to purchase a large cabin with a view of the sea.