Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hillary Clinton Never Looked So Good

Moe offers a statement as Shemp, Larry and Curly look on.
Calling themselves The Elders, Jimmy Carter and a number of his contemporaries have been roaming the world causing a certain amount of mischief, inadvertently undermining whatever official government policy might be.

Quoting from Josh Rogin, it's no secret the Elders' trip to North Korea was viewed as extremely unhelpful by the governments of both Washington and Seoul. Chris Nelson reported on April 29 that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reacted strongly when asked in a morning meeting if she wanted to meet with Carter:
The performance of President Carter and his delegation in N. Korea this week was either shameful or fatuous...or both...and exemplifies why Carter had support going in, and even less coming out. An alleged witness account of Clinton at her morning meeting the other day reportedly had the following exchange:

"Do you want to meet with Carter?" Clinton is looking at papers, and just says "No." Then she pauses, looks up and adds, "HELL no!!!"
Carter... sheesh! "Hell no!" is right. Count me in with Hillary.


  1. My understanding of the term 'elders' is that it bears connotations not just of greater seniority but also of greater sagacity and authority.
    In the name of humility, Jim, start calling your gang 'the olders'. Not so ludicrous.

  2. The Elders... I know! So damn presumptive. What kind of wisdom did Carter demonstrate in his handling of the Shah of Iran, his resultant ushering in of the Ayatollah Khomeini and all that that entailed. His policies resulted in US citizens, (US Marines and State Department personnel) being held captive by the regime he helped establish. He followed that up with his slick deal with North Korea, offering our help in creating nuclear power plants for them with the guarantee, the lock solid guarantee, that the North Koreans would discontinue their nuclear program. How'd that work out for us, Jimmy? And he trots around with his Nobel peace prize, given him for the sole purpose of embarrassing the sitting US president, George W. Bush. Listen, Jimmy may not mind being manipulated and made a fool of, but it really ticks me off when he undermines our country and its leadership, even when it is the hapless Barack Hussein Obama. Such an assclown.