Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Interest Lay With The Crowd Outside

With the Royal Wedding such a recent, warm memory, one's thoughts go to the handsome young prince and his beautiful bride. It's fun to note then that our friend from the British Isles, though appreciative of the prince's good luck at convincing young Miss Kate to marry him, was most cheered with what he saw of the people of England itself:
"Because the civilised majority work to entirely different codes from the minority that control the culture it is all too easy for them to be underrated in their capacity to resist indoctrination. Having denied them a voice, the leftist establishment frequently makes the mistake of thinking they don’t exist at all. This mistaken belief is only strengthened by the good people's refusal - perhaps suicidal, but admirable all the same - to revolt whenever they are fresh oppressed.

So suddenly there they were: still alive, and still among us, terrifying the establishment with their heretic decency, good-naturedness, enthusiasm for tradition, and refusal to be embarrassed by their nationality or their flag. Like plague rats they came, swarming over leftist consensus, their weapons the steadfast refusal to hate anybody, or to view monarchical privilege as an injustice crying out for blood."

Love that Venerable Bede. Read his whole piece here.


  1. "Like plague rats they came, swarming over leftist consensus..."

    I just love that description of common, everyday people. To the cultural elites, me and my ilk are like a plague rats.

    Too funny.

  2. It was an enjoyable read, with several amusing turns of phrase.