Monday, May 23, 2011

Juan Williams in a Tizzy

Following the President's awkward handling of our ally Israel, and his attempted bullying her Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Juan Williams went off on the Fox News Sunday Panel. Williams chose to take the press conference address by the two national leaders out of context, ignoring Obama's strong arming of the Israelis, claiming that the President just wanted to change the dynamic and show that Israel is aggressive and affirmative in saying we want peace. Not that it was the president's place to say what Israel was going to do or say next, nevertheless it was Netanyahu that raised Juan's ire:
"It's unbelievable to me... that he would have the arrogance to come in the Oval office and lecture an American president? I think that's way out of line!"
Arrogance?! Get a grip, Juan. Who's arrogant? Yeah, okay then.

Paul Gigot surmised that Netanyahu felt sand-bagged by Obama, and the statement made by the Administration made no sense at all in terms of the current negotiations. It simply stuck a thumb in the eye of an ally. Former Democrat Senator Evan Bayh from Indiana saw it simply as a question of nuance (of course). Liz Cheney continued to impress, pointing out that there is no response on the part of the US to the Palestinians unilaterally attempting to enter into the United Nations. Instead, the White House chose the occasion to try to set the agenda for Israel. It didn't fly.

Meanwhile the White House is passing out this tripe “What, what.. this is simply the policy the United States has held for years”. Yeah, well then why is Barry so grim looking when he is informed it’s a no go? Why does he look so damn surprised? Was it Israel that made a major speech the day before the conference that hemmed in the US position? No?! Listen, Jack, don’t piss in my ear and tell me its raining.

This is the same kind of crap he is always pulling. Invite the Supreme Court to sit in on your speech to the nation, then distort their rulings and insult their integrity. Bring the drilling experts in, then make a public statement they in no way agreed to, and pass it off in front of the press so they can’t recover. Invite Paul Ryan to sit up front and center following your talks on the budget, then accuse him in a joint session of starving old people and killing babies.

This time it blew up in his face, and if Juan Williams thinks its arrogant for Netanyahu to challenge the president by reciting the known history and describing the reality of the situation, then tough bagels, Juan. The President deserved what he got and more. He is not acting “presidential”, has not yet acted in any manner other than as a thuggish embarrassment to the nation, and it’s about time he faced someone who isn’t intimidated.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been in tight situations, high pressure situations where lives were on the line, and no one was patting him on the back and calling him gutsy for coming in off the golf course to watch a video feed of the guys he placed in harms way. He’s been in harm’s way himself, and that long dark stare doesn’t impress him.

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