Thursday, May 26, 2011

Obamiacs, TSA Get Down And Dirty

"Find a job you really love, and that will be the last day of work in your life.
In there usual statist fashion, the TSA has threatened the people of the state of Texas with eliminating all air flights in and out of the State of Texas to force the Texans to give up attempting to curb the dog in heat that the TSA has devolved into.

House Bill 1937 had passed the House unanimously 138-0, and was headed for a vote in the Texas state Senate before the federal government stepped in to undermine the legislation.
In a letter sent to Texas lawmakers, including to Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, Speaker Joe Straus, the House Clerk, and the Senate Secretary, U.S. Attorney John E. Murphy threatened to cripple the airline industry in the state if legislators did not back down.

“If HR 1937 were enacted, the federal government would likely seek an emergency stay of the statute,” Murphy wrote. “Unless or until such a stay were granted, TSA would likely be required to cancel any flight or series of flights for which it could not ensure the safety of passengers and crew. We urge that you consider the ramifications of this bill before casting your vote,” Murphy added.
Without their groping procedures the TSA could not ensure our safety? You mean, like they have in the past? Well, what about this, or this, or this, or this? Okay, maybe not that last one, but who can forget the panty bomber? Who can forget the shoe bomber? Every time TSA was out groping some granny they were leaving the safety of the flight up to the passengers and crew, who were left to wrestle some guy to the floor while he shouted "Allah Akbar." All the while the Homeland Security chief assured us the "system" was working. Well, failure of a bomb to explode does not constitute a system working. That's hardly a valuable guarantee they're handing out.

The Texans did not go quietly into the night. Apparently there was an extended and fiery debate on the floor of the Texas senate before Senate sponsor Dan Patrick pulled the bill.

The abuse of power that these clowns are so damn comfortable with makes me sick. Our federal government under Obama increasingly behaves with total disregard for the United States Constitution, and the constraints therein that our nation was founded upon.


  1. Well, failure of a bomb to explode does not constitute a system working.

    Doesn't seem like that should be such a tricky concept, does it?

  2. Even though TSA says it isn't so, some TSA workers have spoken off the record that TSA employs the old "every X person" method, e.g., every fourth or fifth (etc.) person, regardles of whether it makes sense. That's why we get a baby felt up, now and again.

    I think Ranger Smith used more sophisticated stategies keeping down the crime in Jellystone Park when Yogi and Boo-Boo were smuggling pic-a-nic baskets.

  3. I'm sending my lovely 19-year-old niece to Florida tomorrow on a frequent flyer award.

    Am I worried about terrorists? No.

    Am I worried about the plane crashing? No.

    I am actually worried about her getting through airport security without being violated and/or traumatized.

    This crap is starting to piss me off.

  4. Well, they do give you a play by play, so that you can keep up with the goings on:

    "I'm now going to pass my hands over your buttocks. I will now palpate your right breast area using the back of my right hand."

    That's great. You can't get most guys to do that for you, not after they've shelled out for dinner, anyway.

    Worse, if they pick up you're getting irritated, then it's time for the double agent back room strip search.

    That last link from the congressman just seemed all to typical. In their efforts not to appear to be "profiling" (you know, like you might do when you hire someone to watch your kids) they make a deliberate effort to not screen the higher risk group candidates (young muslim males from arabic countries) and prefer to screen mostly low risk candidates (caucasian mom's boarding with their kids, elderly women, businessmen from Salt Lake City).

    If their goal is to make no distinctions in who they are checking, then perhaps the system is working. If the goal is to prevent terrorist attacks and keep the general public safe as they go about their normal business, while causing as little imposition and discomfort to the public as possible, then they are an abject, colossal failure.

  5. And I'm sorry, but that picture is just gross. I mean, that is just pathetic. I can't stand this post just because I'm so sick of looking at that photo!